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The biggest challenge for businesses that look for new technologies is the ability to connect with start-ups or SMEs that have exciting new tech offerings. Access to disruptive businesses and technology of the future is something that any organization – regardless of age, size, or industry – would benefit from.

Delivering change that repeatedly unlocks new opportunities.

The Wazoku Crowd hosts thousands of organizations, all searching for the right partners, personnel, and businesses. While competitors continue to only problem solve internally, you can move ahead of the curve and produce competitive advantage that lasts.

Scouting is an area that a growing number of companies are turning to. However, it requires purpose-built tools and processes to be effective.

To do this effectively, companies need a bespoke outreach and horizon scanning process which supports any organization in connecting and collaborating with those at the cutting edge. An efficient scouting program allows you to securely identify and invest in the next big thing at a lower risk.


Enterprise Innovation Management

Key benefits of scouting with Wazoku include:

Better identification of potential innovations

Scouting that gives an organization comprehensive oversight of developments in its industry will be the difference between utilizing the next big thing and watching a competitor do it from afar.

Minimize risk of acquisition

Every scouting acquisition is risky, but with Wazoku, that risk is limited. We give you access to the best connections, suited to your needs, and provide a secure space to explore them thoroughly, meaning you only invest in what you know will work.

Optimize and increase efficiency of the business

The entire point of scouting is to move an organization forward. Utilizing the technology or partnerships that you acquire will support that progress, as it means you can move beyond the processes and technology that’s holding you back.


New Zealand Defence Force Customer Story

NZDF and Wazoku Crowd

Scouting isn’t all about the unknown, either. Using the Wazoku Crowd to search for new technologies that solve the issue of biosecurity on naval vessels, the New Zealand Defence Force awarded two solutions that repurposed existing technology from entirely separate industries.


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