Accelerated innovation powered by Wazoku Marketplace

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Benefits of Wazoku Marketplace

Accelerated innovation powered by Wazoku Marketplace

The Wazoku Marketplace is a unique innovation data set combining over 20 years of innovation data, third party data sources, global start-ups, and experts from the market leading Wazoku Crowd. Enabled by Jen, our digital innovation assistant, the Marketplace is the database behind the Wazoku Scout product.

AI trained on innovation data

We have trained our AI digital innovation assistant, Jen on over 20 years of proprietary innovation problem/solution data giving us a truly unique capability. This enables Jen AI to understand the adjacencies between problem and solutions.

Most start-up data sets for example are focused on financial data, not much help if you need to know if what a start-up sells could solve a problem in a market, they themselves don’t even realise.

Academic partnership accelerator

In addition to featuring a network of global universities commercial spin-offs or IP offerings we have captured university research specialities. This enables customers looking for potential partners to identify those institutions best fitted to work with them as well as corporate venturing opportunities.

These relationships can then be managed in the Wazoku Portal.

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Harness collective intelligence

Wazoku Marketplace harnesses the power of human & machine intelligence to continuously grow and develop its breadth and depth of data. WIN scouts are constantly adding to the dataset in addition to our continuous training our AI on new innovation data.

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Because Wazoku Marketplace powers Wazoku Scout it surfaces start-ups, solutions, research specialties or subject matter expertise to global enterprises every day. It is an invaluable source of opportunity and revenue to businesses and experts.

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We are specifically looking for companies and expertise in these areas:

  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Public Services
  • Government and Security
  • Ecological Sustainability, covering:
    • Biodiversity Conservation
    • Sustainable Resource Management
    • Renewable Energy Adoption
    • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
    • Climate Resilience and Adaptation
    • Waste Reduction and Circular Economy
    • Inclusive and Participatory Governance

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Customer Stories
Waitrose logo

British retail giant implements the Wazoku platform to foster a Culture of Innovation across its entire organization. The resulting program delivered ideas that produced £150k+ in annual savings.

Customer Stories
Nissan logo

Car manufacturing giant Nissan deployed Wazoku to identify cost savings, inefficiencies, and other ways to make process improvements to its operation. In the first year of the program being live, the organization’s Sunderland plant recorded savings of more than £5million.

Customer Stories
HSBC logo

A global leader in the banking sector, HSBC uses Wazoku to realize its goal of being one of the most innovative global banks. So far, it has generated £100m+ in benefits from an enterprise-level program, underpinned by the Wazoku platform.

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