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The Total Innovation Podcast

Welcome to "Total Innovation", the podcast where we explore all different aspects of innovation, transformation, and change.

From the disruptive minds of startup founders to the strategic meeting rooms of global giants, we bring you the stories of change-makers. The podcast will engage with different voices, and peer into the multi-faceted world of innovation across and within large organizations.

About the Podcast

We speak to those on the ground floor, the strategists, the analysts, and the unsung heroes who make innovation tick. From technology breakthroughs to cultural shifts within companies, we’re on a quest to understand how innovation breathes new life into business.

We embrace the diversity of thoughts, backgrounds, and experiences that inform and drive the corporate renewal and evolution from both sides of the microphone. The Total Innovation journey will take us through the challenges, the victories, and the lessons learned in the ever-evolving landscape of innovation.

Join us as we explore the narratives of those shaping the market, those writing about it, and those doing the hard work. This is "Total Innovation," where every voice counts and every story matters.

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Hosted by Simon Hill, Wazoku CEO

Simon is an innovation leader and tech evangelist. As an expert contributor for The Future Shapers, he delves into topics like Innovation Software, Innovation Archetypes, and Innovation Ecosystems. As an author, blogger, and speaker, Simon explores subjects such as Collaborative Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Co-Creation, and Intrapreneurship.

Meet our expert guests in series 1!

Frequently asked questions

Curious About The Total Innovation Podcast? We've Got Answers!

Who should listen to The Total Innovation Podcast?
Anyone interested in innovation, from seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs to curious learners and business leaders, will find value in our podcast. We cover a wide range of topics relevant to various industries and roles.
How can I listen to The Total Innovation Podcast?
You can listen to our podcast on major platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and our RSS feed. Subscribe on your preferred platform to stay updated with the latest episodes.
When are new episodes released?
New episodes are released monthly. Subscribe and register to get notified when new episodes are available.
Who are some of the featured guests?
Our podcast features a diverse range of experts, including CEOs, thought leaders, and pioneers in innovation. Some of our featured guests in Series 1 include renowned change consultants, bestselling authors, and global executives.
How can I engage with the podcast community?
Follow Wazoku on LinkedIn, X, Instagram, and Facebook to join the conversation using #TotalInnovationPodcast. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and connect with other listeners.