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Explore how the Wazoku Innovation Networks (WIN) are revolutionizing innovation and rewarding global problem solvers by addressing Nexus Challenges through collective intelligence.

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The Wazoku Innovation Networks (WIN)

Wazoku Innovation Networks (WIN) is a groundbreaking initiative, solving global critical problems that we call Nexus Themes: Climate, Health, Security, and Inclusion. In a world grappling with unprecedented complexities, Open Innovation allows you to approach these Challenges from every possible angle. WIN is the latest way in which Wazoku turns complexity into simplicity.

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Rethinking Innovation for a Changing World

WIN is not your typical innovation endeavor. With WIN, we introduce a transformative concept – Nexus Challenges. These Challenges transcend sectors and Nexus Themes, embracing a data-driven, solution-oriented approach. Leveraging our market insights and collective intelligence, Wazoku identifies targeted Nexus Challenge topics, manages the Challenges, and harnesses the power of crowdsourcing to guide them from idea to outcome.

Tackling Complex Nexus Challenges

Nexus Challenges are wider reaching than traditional Open Innovation Challenges. They delve into the heart of interconnected, systemic issues: where climate meets health, security intersects with inclusion, and beyond. These multidimensional Challenges demand multidimensional solutions, provided by Solvers in our global crowd of 700,000+.

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Scaling Impactful Solutions with WIN

At the core of WIN lies our commitment to Solvers – the visionaries and global change-makers propelling innovation and impact. Through WIN, Solvers gain the brand new opportunity to showcase their solutions to influential stakeholders from numerous global corporations, governmental bodies, and NGOs.

Unveiling the Nexus Challenge Process

The Nexus Challenge journey builds upon the familiar Challenge model, with added critical steps to ensure solutions are not just impactful but also well-supported:


Solvers submit innovative solutions via the Wazoku Crowd platform.


Expert reviewers identify top solutions with substantial impact potential.


Selected Solvers receive mentorship to refine their solutions. They prepare to present these refined solutions to a curated global network of seekers.


The pinnacle of WIN is the Showcase stage, where Solvers unveil their solutions to a global group of relevant organizations. The objective is to secure follow-on engagement and commercial opportunities.

Join Us in Shaping a Better Tomorrow

Nexus Challenges represents a bold stride toward addressing the world's most pressing problems and opportunities. It's an invitation for Solvers to make a tangible impact on climate, health, security, and inclusion while gaining exposure to potential future partnerships. At Wazoku Crowd, we firmly believe that innovation is the key to surmounting our era's challenges. Together, we can forge a more sustainable future. Join us in shaping that future through the Wazoku Innovation Network. Together, we WIN.

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Stay Informed and Get Involved

Stay tuned for updates on WIN and learn how you can contribute to solving Nexus Challenges that matter. Visit to discover more about this exciting initiative and take part in reshaping the world's future.

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