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For Scouts

Join and share your networked expertise and referrals for rewards.

WIN Scouts share referrals of companies, universities, or technology for Wazoku customers to discover in the Wazoku Marketplace. WIN Scouts are rewarded either with a bounty for having added them or an award based on future collaboration, every time this happens.

WIN stands for Wazoku Innovation Networks - the connections created by individuals and groups within the Wazoku Crowd’s 700,000+ community. A global crowd of Solvers and subject matter experts

More ways to WIN in Challenges for Wazoku Crowd Solvers

WIN Scout referrals of organizations, experts such as university researchers gives Solvers a new way to get rewarded from guaranteed scouting bounties. In eligible Challenges, your WIN Scout submission needs to meet minimum criteria of detail, relevance, and format. Depending on the Challenge WIN Scouts will either be awarded based on your referral today or based on future success or collaboration for your referral, every time this happens.

The future is networked. Start your journey to share referrals today.

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“Over our 40+ years’ experience, we have learned that collaboration is key to finding novel solutions to unmet medical needs. We are proud that the pool of international innovators from the Wazoku network have given fresh insights to help us in developing more simplified vaccine solutions.”

Bertrand Ducrey
CEO, Debiopharm
Read the Debiopharm case study

For Companies

WIN Scouts massively increase your Scouting reach.

We know that trying to identify novel technologies, start-ups and subject matter experts through traditional Scouting activity can be challenging.

Multiply your scouting reach and effectiveness with 120,000+ researchers. Organizations can utilize Wazoku’s dedicated WIN Scouts that find the prospective tech or start-ups: no matter what you’re looking for. Wazoku Scout and the WIN Scouts put the power in your hands, enabling you to dictate your interests so that the start-ups can be found for you.

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