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Wazoku is
The leading intelligent innovation platform.

Manage innovation from insight to impact with our leading enterprise idea management platform.

Innovation is complex, so use the platform that makes it easier.

Wazoku Platform combines best-in-class analytics, AI driven intelligent automation with our digital innovation assistant - Jen, enterprise grade security, portfolio management, and integrated with your enterprise tools to ensure innovation success from a single team or scaled across a whole organization.

Together with Wazoku Crowd, Wazoku Portal, and Wazoku Scout, Wazoku Platform creates one intelligent, connected innovation solution for your entire innovation ecosystem.

Platform Capabilities

Challenge Workflows

Effectively track ideas through a transparent workflow, prioritize ideas through timely evaluation, and build out ideas into solutions with collaboration from the crowd.

Communities (Idea Spaces)

Scalability to build different communities to target different audiences or areas of the organization, secure spaces to run private challenges to restricted personnel, and designated community admins enables the system to scale with you.

Communities (Co-Creation)

Speed up the procurement process by solving problems with existing suppliers, validate your product roadmap with the opinions of your customers, and tap into the next generation by solving Challenges with students.

Challenge Driven Innovation®

Increase the quality of your ideas through framing problems into Challenges, align your innovation activities to your corporate goals by running relevant Challenges, and increase the speed in solving relevant problems through targeted Challenges.


Showcase the impact of your innovation activities against your strategic goals, benchmark your innovation activities against other similar organizations, and tie your analytics into your financial systems to easily showcase the revenue you’re generating.

Company Collaboration

Implement solutions faster by partnering with start-ups, solve game changing Challenges by bringing together market players, and identify new market opportunities through building start-up communities.


Sense check the direction of your innovation initiative with the opinions of your employees, automatically send recurring pulse check surveys to consistently monitor and enhance KPIs within your organization and run surveys with external audiences to validate your decisions.

AI Copilot

Reduce duplication by bringing similar ideas straight to users, solve current problems faster by resurfacing relevant solutions from the past, and increase user adoption by directing users to content they will personally be interested in.

Content Curation

Wazoku Platform’s AI capability extends far beyond this, though. It surfaces content relevant to trends, data, queries and more that you need to fuel your innovation activity.

Portfolio Management

Gain an overall view of your innovation activities which can then be evaluated along key focus areas, including stages, risk vs reward, and themes supported by our Copilot.


We make it easy to submit, evaluate, and integrate solutions without leaving your apps.

Enterprise Grade Security

Wazoku ensures availability, security, and business continuity for all our customers by leading the market in data protection and risk management.

Accelerate innovation with our intelligent platform

Managing innovation from end to end is easier with Wazoku Platform

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Benefits of Wazoku Platform

Wazoku Platform offers a comprehensive suite of benefits that contribute to fostering innovation and collaboration within organizations.

Innovation Engagement

One key advantage is its ability to engage employees in the innovation process, leading to increased adoption of new ideas.

Platform's design enables quick focus on ideas with the highest impact, streamlining the innovation pipeline and ensuring that efforts are directed towards initiatives that bring tangible value.

Inclusive Innovation

The empowerment of contributors from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise levels is a cornerstone of Wazoku Platform. This inclusivity enriches the solution development process by bringing unique insights and ideas to the table. Targeting different demographics, industries, or geographic regions allows organizations to expand their reach and gather opinions from diverse stakeholders, including customers, employees, and partners.

Secure Innovation

Wazoku's secure spaces address the paramount importance of confidentiality in innovation. These secure spaces ensure that sensitive information, proprietary ideas, or confidential data shared during challenges remain within the designated group, fostering a safe environment for discussing strategic initiatives and sensitive topics.

The ability to designate community admins further enhance Wazoku Platform's functionality, allowing for the delegation of responsibilities and smooth program operation as it grows.

Collaborative Solutions

Moreover, the Platform promotes proactive problem-solving with existing suppliers, strengthening relationships through collaborative efforts. Customer opinions are seamlessly integrated, providing valuable insights into product development and allowing organizations to align their roadmap with customer needs. Additionally, partnering with students and startups brings fresh perspectives and the latest technologies to the innovation process, accelerating the pace of development.

Challenge Driven Innovation

Wazoku's approach to framing problems as Challenges provides a clear focus for idea generation. Challenges define specific goals, guiding participants to brainstorm solutions that directly address identified problems. This targeted approach encourages innovative thinking within a concentrated timeframe, leading to practical and effective solutions aligned with organizational objectives.

Benchmarking Success

Wazoku Platform's emphasis on benchmarking and advanced analytics allows organizations to measure progress, compare performance with industry standards, and monitor revenue against key performance indicators. This data-driven approach ensures that innovation efforts are contributing meaningfully to the organization's success.

Efficient Innovation

Furthermore, Wazoku's collaboration features, such as standardized data, diverse association options, and activity aggregation, enhance the scope and diversity of collaboration. This flexibility ensures meaningful and secure collaborations, maximizing the potential for successful outcomes. By reducing duplication and leveraging existing knowledge, the platform promotes efficiency in problem-solving, ultimately leading to higher-quality ideas.

Wazoku Platform offers a multifaceted approach to innovation, combining inclusivity, security, collaboration, and efficiency to drive organizations towards successful and impactful outcomes.

Customer Stories
Waitrose logo

British retail giant implements the Wazoku platform to foster a Culture of Innovation across its entire organization. The resulting program delivered ideas that produced £150k+ in annual savings.

Customer Stories
Nissan logo

Car manufacturing giant Nissan deployed Wazoku to identify cost savings, inefficiencies, and other ways to make process improvements to its operation. In the first year of the program being live, the organization’s Sunderland plant recorded savings of more than £5million.

Customer Stories
HSBC logo

A global leader in the banking sector, HSBC uses Wazoku to realize its goal of being one of the most innovative global banks. So far, it has generated £100m+ in benefits from an enterprise-level program, underpinned by the Wazoku platform.

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