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Customer Stories


Roche, a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, has embarked on an innovative journey to revolutionize its approach to research and development by leveraging both internal and external networks. With a significant investment in R&D, the company assembled a cross-functional team to explore more efficient ways of innovation, leading to a collaboration with Wazoku Crowd, an open innovation platform. This partnership enabled Roche to solve a longstanding issue in clinical specimen measurement through the collective intelligence of nearly 700,000 solvers from around the globe.

Customer Stories
SPEED Smart Ports Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development logo


Discover how the SPEED Project, utilizing the Wazoku Platform, collaborates across sectors to innovate and enhance port operations in Western Europe through technology and knowledge-sharing

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Sandvik Logo


Discover how Sandvik, a global leader in engineering and materials technology, is driving sustainability with Wazoku. Learn about their ambitious 2030 Sustainability Goals and how they're harnessing the power of collective intelligence to create a better future for all.

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Discover how leading digital technologies group ABB uses the flexibility of the Wazoku Platform to innovate in different ways across its divisions

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Ministry of Defence logo

Ministry of Defence

Wazoku’s Challenge Driven Innovation (CDI) methodology is used by organizations across the globe to focus their problem solving efforts on actionable solutions. The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) use it for a number of their innovation approaches, especially when working externally. This takes the form of putting out Challenge statements in Cross-Sector Innovation, working in line with strategy and policy, and engaging private enterprises.

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Bayer Crop Science logo

Bayer Crop Science

The Climate Corporation is a subsidiary of Bayer Crop Science that focuses on leveraging biological, chemical, and data tools to improve and drive innovation in agriculture. For grower customers, any steps forward in data science and tools can be the difference when it comes to maximizing yields and avoiding soil problems. The team at The Climate Corporation division is very focused on the potential afforded by open innovation, and launched a Challenge with Wazoku to support their endeavors. How can growing partners ‘farm smarter’? With ‘predictive agronomic models’. The Climate Corporation use these to optimize inputs for farmers, using increased data and the advent of analytics and AI to quantify uncertainties around when to plant/spray, the weather, and logistics.

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Vanderbilt University

How can the power of ideas shape the future of an entire sector? Learn more about how Vanderbilt University used Wazoku software to engage students, faculty, and industry professionals in a program of change.

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Elkem, one of the world’s leading providers of advanced materials solutions, works towards the environmentally responsible manufacture of metals and materials. With a business that combines raw materials, renewable energy, and human ingenuity, the company worked with Wazoku to develop its culture of innovation, prioritize and implement ideas, and remove silos to better collaborate worldwide

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Debiopharm logo


Debiopharm, a Swiss-based global biopharmaceutical company used an open innovation Challenge through Wazoku to find a single-dose version of a COVID-19 vaccination. Identifying vaccinations that give the same protection in one shot will simplify vaccination processes. This collaborative approach is a key part of Debiopharm’s business model, finding ways to leverage the world as a laboratory of innovation. The Challenge was launched on InnoCentive, Wazoku’s previous home for open innovation, to participants all over the world from many different backgrounds, industries, and cultures.

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Alte Leipziger

Alte Leipziger

Alte Leipziger (ALH Gruppe) is a German insurance company, offering customers all products relating to insurance and finance. Its teams in offices across Europe place particular emphasis on areas of personal insurance: particularly in life and health insurance. Working with Wazoku, Alte Leipziger have managed to build and scale a successful innovation program. Across all industries, organizations that find new ways to leverage the knowledge of their employees find greater success than their competitors who stay the course. Alte Leipziger previously had an idea suggestion scheme, but it did not truly succeed or serve its purpose. This old scheme was paper-based, handed to those involved in the program and each insurance division had its own scheme. This meant that the program had issues as it was siloed, lacked transparency, and – due to it being physically-tracked – was disconnected from the actual impact of these ideas. Following a successful pilot with Wazoku in 2018, Alte Leipziger revisited the idea suggestion schemes’ set-up and utilized the Wazoku platform to power this new culture of innovation. The innovation program at Alte Leipziger consists of an ‘Idea Management Platform’ with private team rooms, an employee suggestion system, and a cooperation and service provider database. ALH Gruppe have taken a disconnected system of ideas and turned it into an always-on platform: one that not only rewards the best employee ideas, but also harnesses technology to find new ways of working towards the group’s goals

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Enel logo


Learn more about how a multinational energy company with almost 74 million end users uses open innovation to power their sustainability plans: finding innovative solutions that meet society's changing needs in environment, urban living, and the circular economy.

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Multiconsult logo


Find out how a Scandinavian corporation of consulting engineers, designers, and architects mobilized 2,500 employee innovators using the Wazoku platform.

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ICL logo


Learn how a global specialty minerals and chemicals company utilized external innovation to find a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to grow plants.

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Sun Night Solar logo

SunNight Solar

R&D can be hugely time-consuming and costly. Discover how this solar energy company accessed our global innovation community to reduce costs and speed up the innovation process.

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Syngenta logo

Syngenta – Field Test Results

Accessing outside talent, in the most in-demand skill areas, is crucial to research and development. Find out how this agribusiness found the solutions it needed to innovate.

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Precysetech logo

Precyse Technologies

Open innovation enables companies to innovate more effectively. Discover how this leading provider of Industrial IoT was able to innovate faster and at a lower cost.

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Wazoku logo

Expansion Technologies for Food Materials

Open innovation can help find new processes and methods that haven’t been found within a company before. Find out how this Fortune 500 food and beverage company did just that.

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General Fusion logo

General Fusion

Different Challenge types can be required to generate the right solutions. Discover how this fusion energy company is transforming the world’s energy supply with open innovation.

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Mastercard Foundation logo

Mastercard Foundation

Open innovation has the power to change the world. Discover how this multinational financial services corporation extended access in the developing world, creating financial inclusion.

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Thomson Reuters logo

Thomson Reuters

Crowdsourcing is a fast and effective way to gather valuable insights. Find out how this global media company harnessed the power of the crowd.

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Waitrose logo


Giving extra focus and drive to a culture of innovation with our high-performing solutions can lead to clear value year-on-year. Find out what this leading UK supermarket brand achieved with our help.

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UKWIR logo

UK Water Industry Research

Blockages in drains and sewers are a serious problem for the water industry. Find out how our Solver community generated over 50 high quality and original solutions to detect blockages at an early stage.

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SUDEP Institute logo

The SUDEP Institute

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) is the leading cause of death in young adults who have epilepsy. Discover how this Challenge engaged over 300 Solvers, generating 92 solutions, to help raise awareness.

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Prince's Trust logo

The Prince’s Trust

How can you take your culture of innovation to a whole new level? Discover how our powerful end-to-end solution helped this UK charity achieve the transformation it was looking for.

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The Geneva Learning Foundation logo

The Geneva Learning Foundation

Employing the opportunity of the Wazoku platform to help healthcare workers share ideas and practices to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

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SSCL logo

Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL)

Idea management can empower companies to make continual improvements across all business areas. Discover how we helped SSCL build a culture of Everyday innovation.

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Prince William Sound logo

Prince William Sound OSRI

Oil spills can have a devastating impact on the environment. Find out how one of our Solvers, with no experience in oil or recovery, helped a non-profit research organisation solve a 30-year old problem in only two months

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Old Mutual logo

Old Mutual

Using an enterprise innovation platform to capture lost ideas and digitize in-person events is a key way to future-proof. Discover how one of the business units in this financial services company with 14 million customers integrated always-on idea management into their culture.

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Noblis logo


How did a non-profit science, technology and strategy organisation increase employee engagement, innovate at scale, and achieve significant ROI? See how helped them achieve this and more.

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NZDF logo

New Zealand Defence Force

Harnessing the power of the Crowd can make a critical difference by finding novel solutions. Learn more about how a defence agency utilized its first open innovation Challenge to engage nearly 300 Solvers to fix a pressing biosecurity problem.

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NASA logo

NASA Solar Events

Solar flares are dangerous to astronauts and to our planet. Discover how we helped the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) engage nearly 600 Solvers across 50 countries to find a data-led solution.

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NASA logo

NASA Kevlar

Sometimes research programs grind to a halt when no other testing methods can be found. Find out how we helped the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) end a 3-year roadblock with our crowd.

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NASA logo

NASA Challenges

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is renowned for making innovation a priority. Discover how we helped NASA to run seven open innovation Challenges to advance aeronautics and space research.

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Lumina Foundation logo

Lumina Foundation

Modernising higher education is important for ensuring young people are prepared for the future of work. Find out how this US-based foundation crowdsourced ideas using our people, platform and process.

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GSK logo


Testing ‘proof-of-principle’ is an essential part of pharmaceutical research and development. Discover how this global healthcare company used our Solver community to advance the field of bioelectronics.

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Direct Line Group logo

Direct Line Group

Solve your key business challenges by innovating at scale. Find out how this leading insurance company inspired employees to #thinkdifferently, and generated huge cost savings.

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Danish Crowdsourcing logo

Danish Crowdsourcing

How do you rethink sustainability issues and generate solutions that enable you to make a measurable difference in the world? Discover how our innovation solutions can sit at the heart of transformation.

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Copenhagen Fintech logo

Copenhagen FinTech

Engaging your internal and external crowds can be key to solving challenges. Discover how open innovation and crowdsourcing helped this network of FinTech companies make a positive impact.

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Aviva logo


Customer and employee experience are key priorities for any organisation. Find out how this multinational company achieved huge employee engagement and greater collaboration with our help.

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AstraZeneca logo


Challenge design is such a crucial part of the open innovation process. Discover how this global pharmaceutical company worked with our Challenge Design Consultants to solve complex problems.

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ACBA logo


Solving customer challenges, engaging a geographically diverse workforce and driving value… Discover how this Armenian bank achieved these outcomes with our innovation solutions.

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A2A logo


Open innovation is a key factor in driving innovation at scale. Allowing organisations to access unique ideas and new perspectives, means the process of finding solutions for pressing business problems is easier than ever before.

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Diageo logo


The ability to generate, capture and evaluate is crucial to successful idea management. Find out how our innovation solutions drove an effective, scalable programme for this market-leading beverage company.

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Dow Chemical logo

Dow Chemical

New product development and enhancement is crucial for any large manufacturing firm. Find out how this global chemical company utilised the power of open innovation to uncover commercial opportunities.