Wazoku Portal

Harness the power of your partner network.

Wazoku Portal is how you view and manage your relationships with technology and university partners.

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Wazoku Portal is how you create & curate an intelligent partner network.

Combined with our Jen AI co-pilot that automatically curates possible partner organizations for you, Wazoku Portal lays the groundwork for successful partner innovation.

Strategic Alliance and Start-up Management

Track & Manage alliances and partnership supported by Jen AI

Integrated with Platform and Scouting for seamless discovery and collaboration

Integrated with 3rd party data tools (e.g. Crunchbase, Pitchbook, Clearbit, etc.)

Supports multiple use-cases including CVC, Scouting, University partnerships, Start-up engagement and more

Wazoku Portal: manage start-ups, scale-ups and university partners from one central tool.

Your ecosystem of innovation partners, from start-ups to academia is a core strategic asset.

Wazoku Portal has been created to make it possible to create, track and manage networks in an easy and systematic way to harness the potential of these transformative relationships.

Wazoku Portal will support you to:

  • Create an AI enabled network of the most promising start-ups & university research spin-offs
  • Match partners innovations with your business unit challenges
  • Curate, collaborate and manage partnership risk and relationships effectively

Using flexible workflows for teams across the business, such as scouting, corporate venturing, and R&D, you’ll also gain use of a full suite of configurable analytics and reporting to monitor and track opportunities, engagements, and outcomes. Together with Wazoku Scout, Wazoku Portal creates one intelligent, connected innovation solution.

Portal Capabilities


Track the financial impact of your scouting initiatives through the configurable analytics, benchmark your scouting performance against other similar organizations, and demonstrate the impact of your scouting against your corporate goals.

Workflow/Cohort Management

Easily visualize which companies you have already spoken to, how the conversations are progressing, and whether there’s synergy. This ensures transparency across your organization, making it easier to track relationships with active and prospective collaborators.

Project Management

Track the implementation of solutions that are ready to go to market and incorporate effective accelerators to make time-to-market a key advantage.


Easily prioritize the partnerships that will drive the most value, defining and aligning the criteria that make organizations the perfect partners for your business.


Enhance the experience of your partners by easily showcasing relevant Challenges to interested companies, as well as operating a living library of solutions to evaluate and implement.

Content Curation/Trends

Wazoku Portal’s AI capability extends far beyond this, though. It surfaces content relevant to trends, data, queries, and more that you need to fuel your innovation activity.

Relationship Management

Work transparently, track all your interactions with companies from one central location, making it easier to identify top performers and contributors.

Portfolio Management

Gain an overall view of your activities across your innovation ecosystem which can then be evaluated along key focus areas, including different partners, risk vs reward, and themes supported by our Copilot.

Accelerate innovation with our intelligent portal

Managing start-ups and partners is easier with Wazoku Portal

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Benefits of Wazoku Portal

Wazoku Portal is a vital tool for organizations looking to manage & maximise the potential of partner relationships. With all your data in one place, you have better visibility, make better decisions, progress projects faster and achieve more successful collaborations.

Robust Management Tools

Furthermore, Wazoku Portal provides robust project management and task management tools, ensuring that all projects remain on time and on track. This feature is essential for meeting deadlines effectively, thereby increasing productivity across teams.


Additionally, Wazoku Portal offers fully configurable permissions, allowing users to maintain privacy and security, particularly when dealing with highly sensitive partner organization interactions. This level of customization ensures that only authorized personnel have access to confidential information, safeguarding sensitive data and fostering trust among stakeholders.

The flexible workflows that Wazoku Portal caters for enables seamless collaboration and enhances cross-functional communication, ultimately driving innovation and accelerating project delivery.


Moreover, Wazoku Portal allows you to score and rank partners and opportunities based on specific objectives or projects. This means that users will prioritize initiatives effectively, allocate resources efficiently, and make the most of their outcomes. Additionally, clear approval workflows streamline decision-making, reducing delays and ensuring timely execution of initiatives.

Configurable profiles

Wazoku Portal empowers organizations by providing fully configurable organization profiles, enriching data sources, managing collaboration with partner organizations, intelligently generating tasks, and aligning network activity with strategic goals – all from one centralized location. By leveraging these features, users become more productive, a culture of innovation blossoms, and sustainable growth becomes a reality.

Customer Stories
HIWM logo

WMAHSN created a network of 3,000 SMEs in the local area, small organizations with innovative and exciting new product offerings to drive the NHS forward

Customer Stories
ESB logo

ESB worked with 15 of its partners and 3 of its key partners to innovate around the delivery of a sustainability strategy in its eco-partners community.

Customer Stories
SPEED logo

Bournemouth University has created a first in the ports sector, by enabling SMEs and academia to collaborate and innovate in a space dedicated to driving forward the ports sector.

“SPEED is a first of its kind collaboration in the ports sector, where we have found real, tangible value by working with data and technology SMEs that help us to improve the port logistics ecosystem across Western Europe.”

Dr Deniz Çetinkaya
Principal Academic in Computing at Bournemouth University

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