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Harness the power of your partner ecosystem.

Wazoku Portal is how you view, track and manage your relationships with current & potential ecosystem partners in one place.

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Wazoku Portal: manage your ecosystem from one central tool.

Your ecosystem of innovation partners, from start-ups to academia is a core strategic asset. Wazoku Portal has been created to make it possible to view, track and manage your ecosystem in a frictionless and transparent way.

Wazoku Portal removes data siloes and unifies your ecosystem partners into one place so they can be made available when and where they are needed across your entire organisation.

Harness the power of your ecosystem with Wazoku Portal:

  • View, track & manage alliances and partnerships within your ecosystem.
  • Enhance partner data with 3rd party integrations (e.g. Crunchbase, Pitchbook, etc.)
  • Automatically match organisations capabilities with your business challenges.
  • Evaluate & understand partnership capabilities, risk and potential effectively.
  • Ensure teams across the business, such as Scouting, Corporate Venturing, R&D, Transformation, and Procurement can collaborate and manage their cohorts of relevant organisations within your ecosystem.
  • Together with Wazoku Scout, and Wazoku Platform, Wazoku Portal creates one intelligent, connected solution.

Using flexible workflows for teams across the business, such as scouting, corporate venturing, and R&D, you’ll also gain use of a full suite of configurable analytics and reporting to monitor and track opportunities, engagements, and outcomes. Together with Wazoku Scout, Wazoku Portal creates one intelligent, connected innovation solution.

Portal Capabilities

Managing Partner Ecosystems:

Unified Database

Wazoku Portal is a centralized database to manage all information related to start-ups, suppliers, and other ecosystem partners such as universities. This reduces data silos and ensures that all relevant information is easily accessible.

Dynamic Data Enrichment

The platform can automatically enrich partner data from 3rd party sources like Crunchbase and PitchBook, keeping information up-to-date and relevant for decision-making.

Evaluate the Potential of Discoveries

Assess the potential of identified start-ups, partners and technologies to prioritize further investigation, investment or engagement.

Intelligent Automation

With Wazoku Platform and Wazoku Portal together you will be automatically shown those partners with relevant capabilities to help solve your problems or opportunities.

Building and Maintaining Relationships:

Collaboration Tools

Wazoku Portal facilitates collaboration with external partners through shared Challenges and automated workflows. This helps teams across different units to stay aligned and work efficiently with external entities.

Configurable Workflows

Users can select and configure templated workflows to fit the specific needs of managing relationships with different partners, ensuring that processes are standardized and effective.

Enhancing Efficiency:

Automated Processes

The platform automates many of the manual tasks involved in managing partner relationships, such as data entry and updates, notifications, and communication tracking. This reduces the administrative burden and allows teams to focus on strategic activities.

Dashboards and Analytics

Wazoku Portal provides actionable insights through Analytics, helping managers track the progress of partnerships, identify bottlenecks, and measure the impact of collaborations.

Accelerate innovation with our intelligent portal

Managing start-ups and partners is easier with Wazoku Portal

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Customer Stories
HIWM logo

WMAHSN created a network of 3,000 SMEs in the local area, small organizations with innovative and exciting new product offerings to drive the NHS forward

Customer Stories
ESB logo

ESB worked with 15 of its partners and 3 of its key partners to innovate around the delivery of a sustainability strategy in its eco-partners community.

Customer Stories
SPEED logo

Bournemouth University has created a first in the ports sector, by enabling SMEs and academia to collaborate and innovate in a space dedicated to driving forward the ports sector.

“SPEED is a first of its kind collaboration in the ports sector, where we have found real, tangible value by working with data and technology SMEs that help us to improve the port logistics ecosystem across Western Europe.”

Dr Deniz Çetinkaya
Principal Academic in Computing at Bournemouth University

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