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Continuous improvement ideas typically offer smarter, faster or more efficient ways of approaching existing tasks, products or services. These ideas should be easier to implement for the organisation and typically derive more tangible value in a shorter time frame.

Continuous improvement is a vital part of innovation management. It is an ongoing and evolving process and ensures that organisations adapt, improve and ready themselves for the future. It is also a way of working that most typically involves and empowers the employees within an organisation.

By incrementally improving your businesses processes, products or service offering businesses will often see immediate value through increased efficiencies and reduced complexities through the organisation.

Wazoku’s Idea Management Software is being used by global organisations to implement continuous improvement initiatives throughout the businesses to improve operations, realise cost savings and reduce times to market.

Small ideas are here to stay, and generally impact and mean so much more to Partners, than the next big strategic change, therefore using a system that allows any Partner, working anywhere in our business, whether driving a van, restocking shelves or managing the marketing POS we use, to submit an idea is very important. Wazoku’s Idea Management Software gives exactly that.
// Stuart Eames Operational Improvement Manager, Operational Efficiency, Waitrose

By bringing together diverse and disparate workforces to contribute ideas for improvement regardless of scale, our customers benefit from knowledge sharing, creativity and contribution that was previously non-existent.

Wazoku works with customers to design innovation programs that have a clear focus of implementing change in desired areas. Idea Management Software removes perceived barriers between departments or regions, enabling increased transparency across all teams.

See how small continuous improvement ideas can have a big impact on your organisation.

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