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Whether you're solving everyday challenges or future-proofing your business, from insight to impact you can succeed at scale with Wazoku’s AI connected software, services and solutions.

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A key issue with achieving consistent innovation impact is that activity is disparate and disconnected, across a business, or a supply chain. How do you try and manage this with a host of disconnected tools?

What if there was an AI connected ecosystem solution? Built on over 20 years of data and experience showing that networked and collaborative organizations outperform traditional peers consistently.

There is...

The Wazoku
Connected Product Suite

Four intelligent products, built around a systems thinking approach to innovation at scale with crowdsourcing and collective intelligence at its heart.

Sounds complex? Meet Jen, she's your AI digital innovation assistant and is here to make it simple.

Wazoku Platform

How you manage innovation from insight to impact with our intelligent, enterprise idea management platform.

Wazoku Scout

How you connect instantly with start-ups or search deeper to find the technologies, partners, and individuals to make a difference.

Wazoku Portal

How you collect, connect, curate, and manage your relationships with companies.

Wazoku Crowd

How you connect with millions of problem solvers and disruptors worldwide.

Over 20 years of changing the world.

Wazoku helps large organizations create effective, sustainable innovation ecosystems that accelerate both efficiency gains and new value growth. It does this through intelligent enterprise software that connects and harnesses the power of employees, suppliers, start-ups, universities, and its unique Wazoku Crowd of over 700,000 global problem Solvers.


Scouts in the Wazoku Scout network with more joining every week.

Human + Machine Intelligence

Wazoku combines sector leading AI & Crowd to help large organisations scout for trends, ideas, solutions, start-up or expertise to accelerate business improvement or growth.

Starting simple?

Wazoku makes getting started simple.

Powered by our proprietary Jen AI, Wazoku offers an analytics-rich platform designed to streamline the innovation process. Wazoku’s Platform reduces friction, complexity & resource intensity to deliver consistent, scalable results.

Wazoku Platform
Wazoku Scout
Wazoku Portal

Want to change the world?

Find out how Total Innovation will transform your organisation and results.

Elevate your organization's innovation impact with the Wazoku product suite – ensure activity is aligned with strategic goals. Tap into collective intelligence to effortlessly collect, evaluate, and scale ideas that drive real value.

The World's Best Businesses Trust Wazoku

Shell logo

“Wazoku were engaged by Shell to run a team training session focusing on issue identification, ideation and solution development. Their approach was fresh, innovative, and engaging, delivered in a manner that brought globally diverse teams together and allowed for creativity to take place.

Steve Baird
Digital Process Innovation Manager, Shell
Customer Stories
HIWM logo

WMAHSN created a network of 3,000 SMEs in the local area, small organizations with innovative and exciting new product offerings to drive the NHS forward

Customer Stories
ESB logo

ESB worked with 15 of its partners and 3 of its key partners to innovate around the delivery of a sustainability strategy in its eco-partners community.

Customer Stories
SPEED logo

Bournemouth University has created a first in the ports sector, by enabling SMEs and academia to collaborate and innovate in a space dedicated to driving forward the ports sector.

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