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Innovation_360 is your Innovation Operating System.

It brings together all of your relevant activities and data in one place, giving you the global view required to manage and sustainably deliver innovation success from idea to impact.

Built upon the AI powered, Wazoku Platform, supercharged by our global crowd of millions of proven problem solvers, the Wazoku Crowd.

Unleash your innovation potential today


Start managing your innovation activities quickly & simply


With a transparent, empowering system that immediately builds upon engagement & enables collaboration


Cut costs, reduce time from idea to impact, increase success rates and make innovation a sustainable activity

Scalable and Flexible

Whilst building a positive innovation culture through public recognition of contributions and transparent process


Safe in the knowledge that you can scale when you need to

Scalable and Flexible

With a platform that’s enterprise secure and integrated with all your systems

"At Sandvik, we believe sustainability is directly connected to good, profitable business. Working with Wazoku and integrating an Ideas Hub has supercharged our goal of achieving 100,000 sustainability ideas by 2030."
Mats W. Lundberg, Head of Sustainability

The Enterprise Ready Wazoku Platform The AI powered, Wazoku Platform drives our 360_suite of innovation management products. These can be used as standalone products or together with the Wazoku Crowd they form our Innovation_360 operating system.


Unleash the collective intelligence of your organisation and build a winning culture of innovation.


Innovate and co-create across your supply chain effectively and securely.


Drive continuous improvement with customer insights at the heart of your innovation activity.


Go beyond simply horizon scanning and connect with businesses and technologies with the power to transform your business.


Harness the power of any crowd to accelerate your innovation activity and increase success rates.

The World-leading Wazoku Crowd Imagine a world where any problem you have can be looked at by millions of expert, motivated eyes. The Wazoku Crowd makes this possible.

With twenty years’ experience in crowdsourcing, the Wazoku Crowd is the gold standard for open talent and external innovation solutions.

Wazoku’s dedication to problem-solving and breaking new ground is shared across our network of millions of proven problem solvers .

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"Small ideas are here to stay, and generally impact and mean so much more to Partners, than the next big strategic change. Therefore, using a system that allows any Partner, working anywhere in our business, whether driving a van, restocking shelves or managing the marketing POS, to submit an idea is very important. The Wazoku idea management platform gives exactly that."
Stuart Eames Retail Innovation Lead, Waitrose

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Revolutionizing Data Ingestion and Curation for Intelligence Analysis


The ability to ingest properly curated data into analysis tools is of fundamental importance to exploit information from massive amounts of data sources. When analyzed properly, the data can provide insights into relationships between entities, patterns of life, and even weak signals to suggest threat activities for intelligence analysis. The more complex the data sources are, the more difficult and time-consuming ingestion becomes, requiring dedicated data engineering teams whenever a data source with new schemas or structures is added to the ingestion pipeline. The United States Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate (IWTSD) and Singapore’s Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), the Seekers for this Challenge, are seeking a novel solution for data ingestion and curation which can adapt its method of data ingestion and remain agnostic to data schema, types, and formats.

  • Award: See Details
  • Deadline: 12th Feb 2023
  • Challenge type: Reduction to Practice (RTP)
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Closing date: 3rd Feb 2023

Award: Collaboration with A2A

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Closing date: 3rd Feb 2023

Award: $30000

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