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Wazoku is your Innovation Operating System.

We have created the leading enterprise-grade, Al-powered innovation management software on the market. Collaborate and co-create with anyone, anywhere, anytime – all through a single, purpose-built platform with cutting edge Advanced Analytics.

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Start simply in a single team or scale across your entire organization. Your innovation program grows with you, giving you access to an ever-expanding audience: whenever you need them.

Why Wazoku?

Unleash your innovation potential today

Scalable Platform

A single, purpose-built platform for innovation that grows with your program, underpinned by cutting edge Advanced Analytics

Proven Process

An accredited Challenge Driven Innovation® process for innovation success with a proven success rate of more than 70% and an ROI of 182%

Global Crowd

A global open talent crowd, made up of millions of change makers, dedicated to finding bespoke solutions to your biggest business problems

Expert Training

A comprehensive Academy training scheme that gives you all the tools and skills to land and scale a crowdsourced innovation program

Total Security

An enterprise-secure platform that allows you to connect, collaborate, and co-create with industry partners on shared goals

Exclusive Access

Access to universities, SMEs, and start-ups, creating an ecosystem of innovation that puts the latest developments in technology in your hands

Key Sectors

Discover how industry leaders around the world are innovating everyday with Wazoku

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The Wazoku Product Suite

The World-leading Wazoku Crowd Imagine a world where any problem you have can be looked at by millions of expert, motivated eyes. The Wazoku Crowd makes this possible.

With twenty years’ experience in crowdsourcing, the Wazoku Crowd is the gold standard for open talent and external innovation solutions.

Wazoku’s dedication to problem-solving and breaking new ground is shared across our network of millions of proven problem solvers .

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