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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

Innovation_360 Wazoku Platform

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The Wazoku Platform

The AI-powered, Wazoku Platform drives our 360_suite of innovation management products. These can be used as standalone products or together with the Wazoku Crowd they form our Innovation_360 operating system

Connect people, problems, and opportunities: globally

Our 360_Suite provides solutions for engaging any crowd internally or externally in your innovation and change programs.

Connect people, problems, and opportunities: globally

Process and reporting that enable you to act with agility

Our Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology combined with our Advanced Analytics makes the process from idea to impact rapid and effective.


Already integrated with your key tools

Our 360_suite is integrated across the enterprise stack, to support and underpin your decision-making capability. With Microsoft Teams, Jira, and other integrations, your innovation efforts become part of day-to-day work.

Already integrated with your key tools

Create an infinite capacity for innovation

Our 360_Suite provides you with internal innovation functionality and the ability to create a transformational collective intelligence network. This sets you up for limitless opportunities: for one team, across your entire supply chain, and out to our global crowd of millions of problem solvers.


Support from our specialist success team

With innovation maturity reports, benchmarking, and recommendations, our Customer Success team is on hand to support you throughout your innovation journey.

Support from our specialist success team

Enterprise-class security ensures all your data is protected

By combining security features with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks, Innovation_360 means you can innovate with confidence and peace of mind.

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The Wazoku Platform has four key drivers:

Innovation Engine

Put innovation at the heart of your organizational processes. The Wazoku platform is highly configurable, scalable and offers a rich suite of functions that support all your innovation management requirements. Combined with our proven Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology, the Wazoku Platform enables you to discover the right opportunities effectively and efficiently, prioritize and make sure you’re solving the right problem, develop the best solution in the shortest time and deliver impactful solutions rapidly and consistently.

Innovation Engine

Data Engine

All your innovation data in one place, giving you the global view required to manage and sustainably deliver innovation success from idea to impact. Our best-in-class data visualization and report builders mean that you can harness your innovation information and seamlessly create visuals to export.

Workflow Engine

Everything you need to become a Challenge driven organisation from building Challenges for your employees, suppliers, customers or a wider crowd, through the evaluation, recognition and development process. We have the workflows and automations to support your scalable, sustainable innovation activity.

Workflow Engine

Engagement Engine

We know that building engagement is critical for the successful development of any innovation program and so we have made it easy to build impactful content to support your Challenges, notifications, and communications to drive activity. We give you complete control over roles and permissions so that everything is targeted appropriately. All of this functionality takes place within our intelligent Wazoku Platform.