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Once you’ve landed your innovation program within your organization, you’re then ready to move to the next stage in your innovation journey – scaling. Expanding the reach and capability of your innovation program brings your business closer to the gold standard of innovation, which is innovating at scale.

We build ecosystems to enable everyday innovation at scale​, combining the tools, behaviors, and skills that you need.

Fostering an always-on capability for innovation across your entire business eco-system is difficult and time-consuming. Luckily, we’ve helped many companies take this step. So much so that we’ve even produced a masterclass on how anyone – once they’re ready to – can do the same:

If you can’t spare an hour of your time now, then don’t worry. We’ve also literally written the book on it. Check out our Innovation at Scale Whitepaper which delivers a framework for achieving innovation at scale.

Key Features of an Enterprise Innovation Operating System

Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) allows organizations to uncover hidden relationships within vast amounts of data. Wazoku’s AI-powered platform gives companies the means to identify insights, leverage key data, and outline an evidenced map for progress at scale.

We give you the tools to achieve new levels of excellence in innovation, more effectively and repeatedly than ever before.

Data & Analytics

Wazoku’s Advanced Analytics is the most configurable and easily personalized analytics suite on the market today. We mix hands-on access to your innovation data and configurable ways of reporting it.

By coupling best practice data with visualizations through widgets and dashboards, Advanced Analytics gives you real-time reporting on engagement, activity, value, and time spent. These are all crucial in ensuring you can scale your innovation program effectively.

Integrations for Scale

The most effective way to bring new audiences into your innovation program – a fundamental need for those looking to scale - is building the innovation process into tools that they already use to communicate, organize, and discuss daily working tasks.

With Wazoku, your innovation processes are seamlessly integrated through the enterprise stack, supporting innovation work and decision-making throughout the company’s value chain.

Connected Communities

Collaboration and co-creation underpin the process of scaling an innovation program. That reality means that, more so than ever before, security is paramount to how we build and nurture online spaces for innovation. At the same time, we need to create platforms that are easy to use and engaging, in order to drive repeatable, sustainable practices for innovation.

Balancing these three factors is an incredibly difficult task, but it is essential for supporting companies in effectively problem solving and efficiently exploring new opportunities. With Connected Communities, Wazoku has achieved this.

Enterprise Security

Security around data and information is not something we take lightly. Organizations that are in the process of scaling their innovation programs must keep security a high priority during this expansion.

We combine enterprise-class security features – including ISO 27001 certification – with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure client and business data is always protected.

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