Innovation Consulting

Establishing the foundations for success

Our Customer Success and Customer Experience teams bring expertise, broad experience and a flexible approach to support in embedding innovation at scale across your organization. We know our success depends on our customers' success which is we offer much more than just software. We're with you on every step of the journey.

  • We understand that different companies are at different stages of innovation maturity. We also understand that starting an innovation journey can be intimidating, confusing and also lonely.
  • Many customers start with an ‘Innovation Event’ some trigger that creates the need to do something now. We have the expertise across sector, geography and use case to guide you through this to a successful outcome
  • As you look to mature your innovation capability we bring expertise, training and insights from across our team, our partners and most importantly from across a global network of your innovation peers through our Customer Connect Community.
  • We challenge you to develop capability and capacity to support innovation at scale across your organization and partner with you on that journey from step one to an embedded innovation system delivering value and engagement globally.

Getting started: Agile support from kick off to launch

  • A proven and structured on-boarding programme for each new deployment and use case provides the foundational training and support to ensure we set you up for success from the start
  • Our Rapid Start programme can get you live in days (or at your preferred pace) and help you realise value rapidly
  • Guided learning covering our Five Foundational Pillars – Success & Strategy, Governance & Planning, Challenge Driven Innovation, Communications & Engagement, Technical set up
  • Challenge Design: our Ph.D. Challenge Design Consultants manage the design and delivery of effective and engaging Open Innovation challenges
  • Customer Success Manager (CSM): your dedicated CSM supports along the whole journey, advising, sharing insights, running quarterly reviews, making connections and working collaboratively with you to drive long-term success.

Bea Schofield

Director of Customer Success

The business relationship with Wazoku is one of the best experiences I have had in my entire professional career. The people and the management team are very committed. It’s Onboarding team ensures a smooth introduction. The support of the ongoing process by the Customer Success team helps in every situation. Their task is to support users in achieving their objectives. We have always received useful and easy-to-implement information, tailored to the respective inquiry. What distinguishes Wazoku is the unrestrained will to bring success to the customer and get the most out of using the platform.
// Christoph S Innovation Manager

Embedding: Foundations for scale

  • Capability building: collaborative coaching, workshops or facilitated training sessions for developing organizational capability across the challenge life-cycle (building the challenge pipeline, training catalysts, developing advocates, playbooks and guides, local to global structures etc)
  • Capacity building: a range of tailored support to help build enterprise-wide scale into your programme
  • Impact reporting: with a proven ROI in months, we support in setting up tailored reports, pipeline tracking, outcomes metrics and more.
  • CoE: Looking to develop an Innovation Centre of Excellence to train the wider organization in your innovation processes, governance, problem solving, playbooks etc for scale?
  • Accreditation: Our Academy provides learning pathways from introductory courses, certified workshops, scheme accreditation and accredited practitioner training.
  • Awards: we work with you to celebrate your successes and have a network of global innovation awards partners (IdeasUK, Innovation Leader, CrowdSourcing week)
We’ve created a culture which rewards people for challenging ideas and thinking differently, as well as delivering results. As a result, our fantastic colleagues feel empowered to challenge our process and Wazoku ensures that their ideas are heard and implemented. This helps us as a business deliver for our customers, making insurance much easier and better value.
// Simon Linares HR Director, Direct Line Group

Expanding: Innovation at Scale

We work as partners to support you building innovation capability across your organisation

  • Supporting your organisation in building a sustainable Innovation System
  • Developing best practices for innovation accounting
  • Delivering and supporting your innovation training
  • Working alongside you to deliver innovation workshops

Featured Partner: IdeasUK

  • For over 30 years ideasUK has been working with organisations in the public and private sector across all industries and many countries to support the development of workplace innovation.
  • A key component of this is the ideasUK Accreditation, a way for organisations to give both internal and external prominence to their workplace innovation programme.
  • Over 20 years running independent accreditation’s
We didn’t just want an innovative tool or a strategy. We wanted to evolve as an innovative organisation. We decided to work with Wazoku because they are a dynamic company and a great cultural fit for SSCL. The Wazoku platform is easy to use and supported our strategy.
// Rachel Summers Director of Operational Excellence, Strategy and Transformation, SSCL

Connect: Our Global Innovation Community

  • Network: Connect with a global community of like-minded people from across our customer base
  • Learn: Regular meet ups, webinars and peer learning sessions across the community on curated topics of interest
  • Co-create: through our online platform (yes, we actually use our own tool!) and Co-Design Workshops we give customers a voice to drive innovation and feature development across the product suite to co-create the product roadmap
  • Collaborate: Customers frequently collaborate on projects, share learning and insights and more. New industry collaborations have emerged through Connect
  • Innovate: That’s what it’s all about!

Partnered for Success Globally

We recognise that we are part of a wider innovation ecosystem and have built a global network of partners and experts who work alongside us to support you in achieving your innovation goals.

Discover how we’ve helped our customers achieve spectacular results by building a sustainable culture of innovation.

Learn how you can solve your organisation’s biggest challenges and drive needs-based, structured innovation at scale.

Find out how you can drive innovation throughout your organisation with help and support from our team.