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In today's rapidly evolving competitive, technological and consumer landscape, Technology or Start-up Scouting isn’t just a competitive advantage; it's a necessity. Whether you’re scouting for new start-ups or scale-ups, technologies, or experts with deep subject matter knowledge, Wazoku Scout will help you find the perfect solution every time.

Competitive Edge

Identifying potential start-ups for partnership, investment, acquisition.

Solve a Problem

Finding companies to solve an identified business need.

3, 2, 1, Go!
Our connected Scouting solutions…

We have a comprehensive approach to scouting utilizing the combined power of the best of machine and human intelligence, or simply collective Intelligence

Scouting on Demand

Jen AI enabled instant results of 10-20 companies per search.


Delivered within 72 hours, a deeper dive with human curated scouting report circa 20 companies.

Wazoku Crowd Scout

Delivered in 35-45 days harnessing the power of our over 120,000 WIN Scouts to unearth completely original, off grid insights.

Global Organizations and Governments Scout with Wazoku


Key Capabilities

Unique, innovation focused data

Unlike investor focused platforms our AI has been trained on innovation problem/solution data.

Jen AI-enabled real-time search

Look into and connect with the Wazoku Marketplace of start-ups, solutions, experts, and potential partners.

Democratize scouting with easy access

Wazoku Scout plus Wazoku Portal means you can share a partner or portfolio across your organization, accelerating innovation.

Scouting for every technology level

From research, through prototypes, to already-in-market scale-ups, access the right partner at the right stage.

Enterprise Security & Control

Trusted by international Defense & Security organizations. We ensure client and business data is always protected.

Accelerate innovation with intelligent scouting

Find the right start-ups and partners fast with Wazoku Scout

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Whatever you’re searching for find it with Wazoku Scout.

Looking for a fast, simple solution to identifying start-ups and scale-ups?

Scouting on Demand delivers

  • Instantly receive a snapshot within a specific technology area of 10-20 start-ups and scale-ups
  • Enabled by Jen, our AI innovation assistant, trained on more than 20 years of innovation problem/solution data.
  • 3m+ high quality start-ups which is constantly updated through WIN Scouts and Wazoku Crowd Marketplace.
  • Augmented with firmographic data where available.
  • Real-time search of the Wazoku Marketplace of start-ups, scale-ups and experts (Coming soon. Register for more information here)

Want a more refined search and review from an experts?

Scouting-as-a-Service delivers

  • Comprehensive breakdowns of potential partners, personalized to your business needs and delivered after 72 hours
  • A focused list that utilizes innovation data combined with firmographic criteria – giving you the best match possible.

Looking for a precise deep technology area, embryonic start-ups, or experts with deep subject matter knowledge but struggling to find them?

Wazoku Crowd Scout enables

  • Utilize the reach of our 120,000+ global WIN Scouts to go broader and deeper in any Scouting request.
  • With WIN Scouts in over 100 countries and covering thousands of technology specialties they can deliver unique, bespoke results.
  • With a 60-day turnaround, Wazoku Crowd Scout delivers premium results in a fraction of the time and at much lower cost than traditional approaches.

Key Benefits

Find the right answer faster

Because our AI is trained on innovation solutions, not standard classifications such as SIC, financial, or firmographic data we get you to the right answer to your problem faster.

Find an already existing solution

Because of our 20 years of innovation solution data behind our AI model, Wazoku Scout facilitates the identification of adjacencies, recognizing that 70% of solutions may already exist, often in an unrelated business sector, saving you time and money.

Solve more problems, faster

By connecting users with individuals outside their immediate network or sphere of influence, the platform enables the discovery of suitable solutions that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

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