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Accelerate delivery whilst reducing cost and risk.

Wazoku Crowd is how you connect with millions of problem solvers and disruptors worldwide.

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Wazoku is
Millions of connected problem solvers and disruptors

Save people-hours and capital through innovations that you wouldn't be able to access otherwise.

Harness the power of our global crowd of millions of proven problem solvers.

Wazoku Crowd’s 700,000+ Solver community brings a wealth of experience, problem-solving expertise, and adjacent knowledge to create real value. Wazoku has over 20 years experience in harnessing the collective intelligence of the Crowd.

The Wazoku Crowd allows organizations to step outside your current limits to both discover new opportunities and solve existing problems. These millions of problem solvers break down industry, location, and language boundaries.

We’re the world’s first open talent crowd to receive the prestigious accreditation from the Center for Transformation of Work (CTW). That means that the CTW believes we are leading the charge for their strategic aims to transform the world of work for 1 billion people by 2025.

Connecting fresh perspectives and ideas

Wazoku Crowd lets you open up your organisation up to an entire world of Solvers for the best chance of solving problems and exploring opportunities.

  • In over 80% of our winning solutions, the winning Solvers did not fit the hiring profile for the organization who ran the Challenge.
  • 70% of our ideas are brought in from fields and industries outside the problem area – so expertise in one place has been proven to help in another

Crowd Capabilities

Innovate together with Wazoku Crowd

Prize Challenges

Release Challenges to this global crowd of experts, SMEs, and universities, incentivized by a prize. Awards can range from as little as $5,000 to as big as $1,000,000, allowing the Crowd to solve problems of any size to the same, high standards.

Scouting Challenges

Release Challenges to our global crowd incentivized by a partnership opportunity. This can be a one-time arrangement or lead to a long-term working relationship. With prominent SMEs, start-ups, and universities calling Wazoku Crowd home, the potential for transformative success couldn’t be bigger.

WIN Scouts

Wazoku Crowd has a wealth of experienced problem solvers, well versed in new technologies and arising market opportunities. When incentivized effectively, the Crowd can be deployed to effectively scout for solutions to strategic business opportunities, dramatically increasing the volume of people searching, and therefore, the impact of your scouting activities.

Nexus Challenges

Nexus Challenges are a groundbreaking initiative, solving global critical problems that we call Nexus Themes: Climate, Health, Security, and Inclusion. In a world grappling with unprecedented complexities, your Open Innovation solutions will help to solve these Challenges from every possible angle.

Accelerate innovation with our global crowd

Harness the power of millions of problem solvers to help solve any problem

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Benefits of Wazoku Crowd

Wazoku Crowd combines our secure, streamlined platform with intuitive user experience to give your problems and opportunities the best chance of being solved.

A new perspective

Successful Solvers often don't fit traditional hiring profiles but are just as capable for solving the problem. We offer our Solvers regular and exciting Challenges, with both financial and collaboration awards.

Extended capability

Problem solving to meet deadlines often takes up a lot of a team’s time, but Wazoku Crowd offers an extended capability. For NASA, we delivered solutions from 3,000 Solvers who contributed a total of 82 working months to the problem at hand.


Because our growing Challenge Community spans 195+ countries and millions of Change Makers, your problem can be worked on day and night.

Across industry boundaries

When your team or organization works on a problem or opportunity, you naturally see it through existing lenses. Using external innovation allows you to step outside the box and explore a different way of solving.


The Wazoku Crowd is populated with creative and intelligent problem solvers who can provide critical value to your organization. The best news is: our crowd is growing every day.

Enterprise Security & Control

Trusted by international Defense & Security organizations, we ensure client and business data is always protected.

Customer Stories
Waitrose logo

British retail giant implements the Wazoku platform to foster a Culture of Innovation across its entire organization. The resulting program delivered ideas that produced £150k+ in annual savings.

Customer Stories
Nissan logo

Car manufacturing giant Nissan deployed Wazoku to identify cost savings, inefficiencies, and other ways to make process improvements to its operation. In the first year of the program being live, the organization’s Sunderland plant recorded savings of more than £5million.

Customer Stories
HSBC logo

A global leader in the banking sector, HSBC uses Wazoku to realize its goal of being one of the most innovative global banks. So far, it has generated £100m+ in benefits from an enterprise-level program, underpinned by the Wazoku platform.