Introducing Wazoku Scout: How you find new technology & start-ups faster

By Alexis Medvedeff

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In today’s rapidly evolving competitive, technological and consumer landscape, Technology or Start-up Scouting isn’t just a competitive advantage; it’s a necessity. But finding the right technology or start-ups quickly and efficiently can be a challenge. That’s where Wazoku Scout comes in.

Whether you’re scouting for new start-ups or scale-ups, technologies, or experts with deep subject matter knowledge, Wazoku Scout offers three distinct levels of service to meet your needs: Scouting on Demand, Scouting-as-a-Service, and Wazoku Crowd Scout. Each is designed to provide you with the right level of support, ensuring that you find the perfect solution every time. 

A Unique Approach to Innovation 

Wazoku Scout is more than just a search tool; it’s a comprehensive scouting solution supported by a unique data feed from Wazoku Crowd Marketplace. This data includes insights from Wazoku Crowd, an ever-growing community of innovators and thinkers who bring their ground-breaking ideas to the table. With Wazoku Scout, you gain access to novel inventions, comprehensive innovations, and expanding start-ups, all enriched by the latest in AI technology. 

Key Benefits

Find the right answer faster – because our AI is trained on innovation solutions, not standard classifications such as SIC, financial, or firmographic data we get you to the right answer to your problem faster. A search for a particular technology on a traditional platform may return thousands of potential companies only a few of which, if any, may be relevant to what you’re looking for, wasting valuable time and resource. But because Wazoku Scout is trained on novel Solutions, it returns only the most relevant answers, well mostly we’re only human (and AI of course).

Find a relevant existing start-up, scale-up from another sector – Wazoku Scout facilitates the identification of adjacencies, recognizing that 70% of solutions may already exist, often in an unrelated business sector, but because of this they often remain undiscovered. Meaning you waste time and money hunting for something in plain sight or reinventing the wheel. Wazoku Scout can do this because of our 20 years of innovation solution data behind our AI model.

Solve more problems, faster – find the right partners to deliver the solutions that you have identified you need through internal challenges. Wazoku Scout lets you expedite delivery of the problems that are sitting in your backlog.

Unlock Open Talent by finding experts with deep subject matter knowledge – Through Wazoku Crowd Scout we can identify individuals with specific and often hard to find subject matter expertise.

A Connected Ecosystem 

Wazoku Scout is part of a larger ecosystem that includes Wazoku Platform, Wazoku Crowd, and Wazoku Portal, creating a fully integrated Total Innovation solution that supports your innovation journey from conception to implementation. This ecosystem approach not only simplifies the innovation process but also enhances the effectiveness of your efforts, enabling a more connected and intelligent approach to business growth. 

Ready to Innovate? 

Whether you’re looking to enhance your product line-up, streamline operations, or tap into new markets, Wazoku Scout is your gateway to a world of collaboration and enhanced innovation outcomes.  Ready to supercharge your innovation process? Visit our website to learn more about Wazoku Scout and begin your journey to smarter innovation today. 

By Alexis Medvedeff

Alexis is one of Wazoku's Product Managers, heading up a team that brings regular updates to your product experience. Outside of work, Alexis - originally from Argentina - enjoys discovering new pockets of London, the place he has called home for more than 3 years. He's also a dab hand with a padel, so never challenge him to a game, unless you're happy to lose!