Industry Innovators: Using Wazoku in the Financial Services Industry with HSBC

Discover how HSBC leverages Wazoku’s innovative Platform to drive success in the financial services industry. Join Schønning Eysturoy and key HSBC leaders Maxim Zorin and Iffat A. Alrowaithy, as they share insights from nearly a decade of collaboration in innovation.


  • A Decade of Innovation with HSBC: Discover how this partnership has generated hundreds of millions in benefits through tens of thousands of innovative ideas from over 230,000 employees worldwide. 
  • Global Participation and Impact: Learn how the HSBC IdeaHub has revolutionized the bank’s operations, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. With over 140,000 employees engaged and 57,000 active users in the last year alone, the platform has implemented over 5,000 ideas, significantly enhancing efficiency, and generating substantial financial benefits. 
  • SAB’s Success with Innovation: Discover how SAB (Saudi Awwal Bank) has utilized the IdeaHub to achieve remarkable results, including a 90% employee engagement rate and a cost reduction of 40 million Riyals. Their innovative approach, including the 10X Challenge focusing on impactful, technology-driven ideas, has set new standards in the banking industry. 
  • Interactive and Engaging Sessions: Our webinar featured insightful presentations from Maxim and Iffat. They shared their experiences and successes in driving innovation within their organizations. The session also included an intriguing Q&A, addressing various queries about building and managing effective innovation programs. 
  • Future of Innovation: Looking ahead, HSBC and SAB are exploring new horizons, including sustainability initiatives and external collaborations. Their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation promises even greater advancements soon. 

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