Use Wazoku to relentlessly improve and deliver lasting value.

Many continuous improvement ideas involve reducing process steps and wasted effort. However, the process for capturing and evaluating employee ideas is often highly inefficient and repetitive. Involving all of your networks sets up any organization for continuous improvement success.

Delivering change that snowballs in value.

Wazoku enables you to innovate with continuous improvement Challenges that leverage the input from all your audiences, and channel them through a proven, repeatable process for success.

Global economic factors are impacting on the management efforts of all businesses. This challenging environment has created a cost-growth paradox that Deloitte has called “thriving in uncertainty.” Companies are being forced to simultaneously pursue the seemingly conflicting goals of aggressive cost saving and aggressive growth.

To address this challenge, organizations need to adopt a more strategic and transformational approach to continuous improvement. To be effective, this needs to involve all your networks, from employees, to customers, partners, suppliers, and even an open innovation crowd.

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Four Reasons for continuously improving an organization are:

Competitive advantage

Businesses should use employee insights to better understand the shortcomings of its offering. A company can increase its competitive advantage by fixing these issues.

Time to market

An organization that manufactures its own products can find incremental ways of improving this process. In doing so, new products can get to market at a quicker rate than before.

Waste reduction

By improving processes, businesses eliminate wasted time and resources on tasks that deliver minimal results.

Cost efficiency

In a lot of businesses, budgets reduce in size, meaning staff have to do more with less. In this environment, identifying the processes or activities that cost a lot to deliver a little is vital.


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