A 6-part Webinar series on Wazoku's new Advanced Analytics feature

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What is Advanced Analytics?

The Innovation_360 platform now provides you with hands-on access to your innovation data. Your team can easily surface the right metrics to use in making more informed decisions on your organization’s future.

We’d like to introduce the key innovation metrics that will help you drive sustainable success for your innovation activity: Impact Metrics and Activity Metrics.

One way to think of Activity Metrics are as the foundation you need to dig before you can begin constructing the building an organization wants. They are mostly used in the early stages of a project, and are non-financial. They can consist of:

  • Employee participation
  • Number of Challenges accepting ideas
  • Number of ideas generated
  • Innovation process effectiveness
  • Concept kill rate
  • Number of ideas approved
  • Number of ideas implemented

Impact Metrics are the building that eventually rises out of that foundation. 

They are mostly financial, and consist of:

  • Revenue generated from innovation products
  • Efficiencies/cost reduction
  • Profit margin
  • Internal rate of return
  • Earned value analysis
  • Innovation revenues as percentage of total revenue (‘vitality index’)

Advanced Analytics on Innovation_360 helps you to find and use these metrics to make the most of your projects – by connecting your work to the key metrics for success and measurement.

We have two decades of knowledge about the data that really makes a difference to innovation success, and our platform now gives it to you. This latest version of our data reporting boasts cutting-edge configurability with easy-to-use dashboards, visualizations, and report builders.

By coupling best practice data with configurable widgets and dashboards, Innovation_360 gives you eyes on the engagement, financial impact, and success of your innovation.

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