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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

Innovation_360 Advanced Analytics

Our new easy-to-use, configurable, and powerful analytics suite

Artificial Intelligence

Putting the power of data in your hands

Advanced Analytics is fully configurable, meaning that you get to decide what is important for your program and then measure performance against it.

When company goals shift, Advanced Analytics shifts with them, providing a hands-on approach to innovation data.

Putting the power of data in your hands

The benefits are limitless

Alongside established Wazoku best practice processes and consulting, Advanced Analytics is designed to deliver best practices for reporting and measuring performance.

Using Advanced Analytics informs better decision-making, faster process problem identification, and the ability to maximize the potential of your innovation efforts.

A secure place for celebrating success

Featuring industry-leading security, the Wazoku platform is the safest place for open innovation: and our analytics suite is no different. Your data only gets viewed by those who should see it.

We firmly believe that security shouldn’t cost transparency, and with Advanced Analytics, we are proving it. Our bespoke report builders offer clear, engaging visualization of all the data your program produces.

A secure place for celebrating success

Illustrate success, wherever it comes from

Some programs offer to report on innovation events. Others offer it across your entire program. With Wazoku, you can have it all. Advanced Analytics can be embedded anywhere in the platform, meaning that you can track performance at a granular and universal level.

Growing an innovation program often relies on being able to tell great success stories, and Advanced Analytics allows you to tell that story with data.