Roche: The Power of Open Innovation to Solve Problems

By Henry Crabtree

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Since the start of April 2024, many of our open innovation Challenges on the Wazoku Crowd Challenge Center have had a new opportunity for global problem solvers to get involved.

Wazoku Crowd Solvers have helped to resource NASA for its work in space, cleaned up oil spills in Alaska, and unlocked new delivery methods for the COVID-19 vaccine. Our community of brilliant individuals, teams, and organizations uses their unique skills and experience to tackle every problem or opportunity that’s put in front of them. Using your own expertise is one thing. How can you bring others’ expertise to the table?

We’ve brought in a brand new way to get involved: WIN Scout Referrals.

This new opportunity means that even if you can’t solve a problem yourself, you can refer an organization or individual from your network who can – and get paid for it. Your time and your networks are valuable to you and important to us: so the awards here are guaranteed. Your referrals will win a share of a cash prize if they’re relevant, detailed, and in the right format! Wherever you see the WIN Scouts logo (above), you can take advantage of this open innovation opportunity by referring individuals and experts who can make a difference to the Seeker.

In the latest open innovation opportunity from Roche, the Challenge is to develop or inform the healthcare giant about novel, automated, and effective methods for inventory management. In labs and supply stations across the world, supplies arrive and are stored, waiting to be used by Roche’s research and scientific talent. But what if they had an automated system, that could categorize supplies on arrival, storage, and use? The efficiencies that the R&D teams could unlock would mean more time could be spent directly affecting health outcomes across the globe.

In this Challenge, there is a US$15,000 award pool for successful solutions. There is also a US$500 budget for WIN Scouts: Solvers who refer the experts and/or organizations who could make a difference in the Challenge. If you know someone who has experience in building automated inventory management systems, you should let Roche know to win the prize. If your network contains an innovative start-up who build supply chain logistics software and could help, you should let Roche know to win the prize.

This opportunity closes at 23:59 EDT on June the 18th, so act fast and make a real difference in the field of automated inventory management!

Want to get started as a WIN Scout? Read these FAQs and get started in just 5 minutes!

Previously, we didn’t have specific pathways to reward this behavior of referrals. Solvers had reported that they weren’t likely to refer other people to a Challenge or refer them to sign up, as it may impact their chances of winning and making a difference themselves. We want to support our Solver Community with the WIN Scouts program: encouraging you to refer others to help out, and making sure you get paid for it. Bringing the right people to the Challenge means we can make more awards, run more Challenges, and change the world for the better: one idea at a time.

Our Solver Community is full of good people. We also know that good people know good people. Who will you refer to the inventory management Challenge from Roche? Open up that address book and let us know who would be good for the job.

Wazoku Crowd is excited to see you both prosper – as the power of networks is a huge part of ongoing innovation.

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By Henry Crabtree

Wazoku's Community Marketing Manager, Henry is also a life-long Manchester United fan - but we still love him, regardless. When he's not cheering the Reds on, he's working his way through an extensive reading list. Need a book recommendation? He's your man!