Open Innovation Basics: The Post-Award Timeline

By Catalina Gomez

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Changing the world, one idea at a time has to start somewhere. Even the organizations that regularly bring about revolutionary change had a first step to take on their journey. In the Innovation Basics series, we focus exclusively on what that first step could look like for newcomers to the innovation world. This series of Innovation Basics focuses on Open Innovation. Follow this guidance to achieve faster, better innovation.

At the crossroads of innovation, where fresh ideas meet real-world challenges, lies the heart of Open Innovation. The process is exhilarating, full of creativity and problem-solving, and it doesn’t end with the announcement of an award. In fact, the post-award timeline is where the true transformation begins, as we delve into the world of implementation and progress. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the post-award journey through the lens of the Wazoku Crowd.

The Stages of the Post-Award Timeline

1. Celebrating Innovation The post-award timeline begins with celebration. It’s a moment to applaud the minds that came together to tackle a Challenge head-on. The victory doesn’t just belong to the winners; it’s a celebration of the collaborative spirit that fuels Open Innovation as a broader vehicle for change. The Wazoku Crowd Solver Community, as pioneers in this field, understand the significance of acknowledging the power of ideas, and we ensure that every success is championed.

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2. The Transformation Phase With the award bestowed upon the winning solution(s), it’s time to shift gears from idea generation to execution. The transformation phase encapsulates the meticulous planning, strategizing, and resource allocation required to convert an idea sourced from the crowd into a tangible reality. Challenges may evolve, and it’s essential to stay nimble while navigating these uncharted territories.

3. Fine-Tuning the Approach The real world rarely adheres strictly to a blueprint. This is where the expertise of The Wazoku Crowd comes into play. As Challenges unfold, the initial solution might need adjustments to align with real-world contexts. This is something that we’ve come to appreciate as part of the process of innovation, rather than a signal that the process doesn’t work. The post-award timeline is a period of fine-tuning and refining, where innovation is not just a one-time spark, but a continuous process of enhancement.

4. Collaboration and Co-Creation Innovation is rarely a solitary endeavor. The post-award timeline amplifies the importance of collaboration and co-creation, perhaps even more so than when the Challenge is live. Winners, sponsors, and experts collaborate to ensure the successful execution of ideas.

5. Measuring Impact Innovation without impact is a missed opportunity. The post-award timeline is dedicated to measuring the impact of the implemented solutions. Wazoku Crowd emphasizes to our Seeker organizations the significance of tracking KPIs (key performance indicators) to gauge the success of the solutions, not only as an initial fix but as a continuous measure of impact. This data-driven approach not only validates our Open Innovation process but also provides insights for future Challenges, benefitting the Solvers of tomorrow.

6. The Ripple Effect Open Innovation is more than just solving a problem; it’s about creating a ripple effect that extends beyond the immediate Challenge. The post-award timeline extends this ripple effect by showcasing successful implementations, inspiring others to get involved and become Solvers themselves.

In conclusion, the post-award timeline in the realm of Open Innovation is where the seeds of creativity take root and flourish into impactful solutions. Wazoku understands that innovation doesn’t stop with a single victory; it’s an ongoing journey of transformation, collaboration, and growth. Challenges may close, but the spirit of innovation lives on, shaping a future that thrives on new ideas and collective problem-solving.

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By Catalina Gomez

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