Open Innovation Basics: Giving Your Solutions the Best Chance of Success

By Catalina Gomez

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Changing the world, one idea at a time has to start somewhere. Even the organizations that regularly bring about revolutionary change had a first step to take on their journey. In the Innovation Basics series, we focus exclusively on what that first step could look like for newcomers to the innovation world. This series of Innovation Basics focuses on Open Innovation. Follow this guidance to achieve faster, better innovation.

Open Innovation has emerged as a powerful catalyst for driving creativity and problem-solving. Platforms like the Wazoku Crowd Challenge Center offer Solvers the opportunity to showcase their ingenuity and compete for prize money or partnerships. However, to maximize your chances of success in these innovation ecosystems, it’s crucial to understand some fundamental principles. Let’s dive into the basics of Open Innovation solution success and discover how to fine-tune your submissions for optimal results.

Ideas for success

Understand the Challenge Deeply: before jumping into solution mode, take the time to thoroughly understand the problem at hand. Investigate the Challenge, its context, and its potential implications. A comprehensive understanding will guide your solution in the right direction.

Leverage Collaboration: Open Innovation platforms are hubs of collaboration. Don’t hesitate to engage with other Solvers in our community, seek feedback, and refine your solutions. Collaborative efforts like submitting as a team often lead to superior outcomes and can attract more attention from potential partners or prize sponsors.

Balance Creativity and Feasibility: while creativity is essential, it should be tempered with practicality. Ensure your solution not only addresses the Challenge creatively but is also implementable and cost-effective. Striking this balance increases your solution’s appeal.

Clear and Compelling Communication: when presenting your solution, clarity is key. Craft a compelling narrative that communicates your idea effectively. Use visuals, data, and storytelling techniques to make your solution stand out.

Iterate and Improve: your initial solution might not be perfect, and that’s okay. Be open to feedback and iterate on your ideas where possible. Continuous improvement transforms a lot of businesses that use Wazoku to innovate, so there’s no reason why Solver solutions should be any different.

Patience and Persistence: Open Innovation solution success doesn’t arrive overnight. Winning prize money or securing partnerships in the Open Innovation space often takes time. Don’t be discouraged by initial setbacks. Be persistent, keep learning, and refine your approach with each attempt.

Stay Informed and Adaptable: the innovation landscape is ever-evolving. Stay informed about the latest trends, technologies, and market shifts. Be adaptable and ready to pivot your approach as needed.

In the world of Open Innovation, the journey to success is filled with learning experiences and opportunities for growth. By embracing these fundamental principles and consistently fine-tuning your solutions, you’ll increase your chances of not only winning prize money or partnerships but also making a meaningful impact on the problems facing our world today. Open Innovation is a dynamic field and with dedication and creativity, you can become a valuable Solver in the quest for innovative solutions.

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By Catalina Gomez

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