Organizing for Innovation: Landing a Crowdsourced Ideas Scheme

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Are you ready to take your organization to the next level with a sustainable and successful innovation strategy? Look no further. proudly presents our latest guide, “Organizing for Innovation: Landing a Crowdsourced Ideas Scheme.” This insightful resource will help you navigate the complexities of initiating and managing a crowdsourced ideas program that unlocks your organization’s potential.

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Understanding the Past for a Better Future

Crowdsourcing ideas is not a new concept; organizations have been tapping into the collective intelligence of their employees for centuries. However, not every attempt at crowdsourcing has been successful. Our guide helps you analyze past failures and identify potential barriers, ensuring that you don’t repeat the same mistakes while launching your new ideas scheme.

A Roadmap to Innovation Success

We take you through the essential steps to plan your innovation journey effectively:

  1. Assess existing capabilities: Determine which processes and tools are already in place and how they can be optimized for your innovation program.
  2. Survey employees: Gain valuable insight into your organization’s current innovation culture and potential barriers to buy-in.
  3. Discuss existing crowd usage: Learn from current practices and identify opportunities to improve or expand the use of crowdsourcing.

Set Your Objectives

Our guide emphasizes the importance of setting clear objectives for your crowdsourced ideas scheme. Start with manageable challenges that demonstrate the program’s value and then expand to align with long-term organizational goals.

Five Pillars of Success

To ensure the success of your innovation program, we provide a detailed overview of the five key pillars that require attention:

  1. Leadership Commitment
  2. Support Operational Process
  3. Data and Insights
  4. Performance Evaluation
  5. Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

We also address common concerns that organizations have when contemplating a crowdsourced ideas scheme, such as the ideal timeline for launching the first challenge, the best type of challenge to start with, and how to overcome potential struggles.

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