Organizing for Innovation: Building a Challenge Pipeline

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Ever wondered how top companies consistently churn out innovative solutions to complex problems? The answer lies in having an effective innovation management process. Our latest guide, ‘Organizing for Innovation: Building a Challenge Pipeline‘, reveals exactly how you can replicate this success in your own organization.

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This guide, drawing on two decades of experience from Wazoku’s Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology, reveals the step-by-step process that helps businesses identify, evaluate, and implement the most promising solutions to pressing challenges.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • A tried and tested framework for developing a Challenge: This blueprint ensures that the Challenges in your innovation program are clearly defined, comprehensible, and easily actionable.
  • Tactics for building advocacy: Learn how to engage and encourage participation across your organization, and leverage the power of success stories and external recognition to drive interest and validation in your innovation program.
  • The features of a successful Challenge pipeline: Understand how a successful Challenge pipeline looks, depending on your business size, innovation program maturity, and industry landscape.

Real-world examples

This guide also shares real-world examples of Challenge Driven Innovation® in action, like how the UK Ministry of Defence resolved an overheating issue hindering aircraft launches using the methodology, or how a carbonated drinks company leveraged it to innovate their product and create market-leading smaller bubbles in their drinks.

Conclude your reading journey with an understanding of how to measure the success of your innovation program. Prepare yourself for the next installment in our guide series, which will focus on how you can track ROI from the Challenges run in your program.

If you’re serious about innovation, you can’t afford to miss this guide.

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