Guides to Innovation at Scale: Evaluating Ideas

Companies often make the mistake of believing that idea generation is the only focus of innovation. While this is important, the evaluation of those ideas proves to be just as crucial in ensuring innovation processes deliver positive results.

Using Wazoku’s experience in running innovation programs with our customers, we’ll outline the aims of evaluation and look at where evaluation fits into the innovation process. We’ll also share some tips that we’ve discovered, in terms of both personnel and criteria, as to how to optimize the idea evaluation stage.

What is Evaluation?

In simple terms, the purpose of an evaluation is to decide which ideas are progressed through an innovation process and which are rejected. It is the quality assurance of the innovation world, making sure that investments of time and personnel aren’t wasted on ideas that deliver no value. 

As part of Wazoku’s Challenge-Driven Innovation framework, evaluation forms part of a process proven to deliver results that companies wouldn’t have achieved otherwise. One of the main reasons that existing innovation programs deliver negligible results is because the evaluation element was being overlooked.

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