Advanced Analytics Webinar Series

Welcome to our Advanced Analytics Webinar Series

At Wazoku, we believe that innovation is critical to your organization’s success. We also understand that tracking and analyzing innovation data can be challenging. That’s why we developed our Advanced Analytics feature, which provides insights on the data generated by your innovation program.

Our Advanced Analytics takes data from your innovation program and analyses it to provide insights. This data can be the number of ideas generated, how many people are involved in the process, what stage each idea is at, and so on. By understanding this data, you can start to see where improvements can be made and fully take advantage of all the data within Wazoku’s platform.

To help you understand and make the most of our Advanced Analytics feature, we have created a series of webinars. Each webinar covers a different aspect of our analytics feature.

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Innovation Insights: Introduction to Innovation Metrics and Advanced Analytics

In this webinar, we provide an overview of our Advanced Analytics feature and discuss innovation metrics that are important to track. We will also demonstrate how to use our analytics feature to gain insights into your innovation program.

Innovation Insights: Program Metrics

In this webinar, we focus on program metrics, which are key to understanding how your innovation program is performing. We will discuss the different metrics you can track and how to use them to identify areas for improvement.

Innovation Insights: Challenge Metrics

In this webinar, we focus on challenge metrics, which are specific to challenges within your innovation program. We will discuss how to track challenge metrics and how to use them to improve your challenges.

Innovation Insights: Configuring Dashboards

In this webinar, we show you how to configure dashboards to track the metrics that are most important to you. We will discuss how to set up and customize dashboards to suit your needs.

Innovation Insights: Creating Dashboards

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to create new dashboards and add widgets to track specific metrics. We will discuss how to share dashboards with others in your organization and the best practices involved in creating dashboards within Wazoku’s Advanced Analytics

Innovation Insights: Beyond Dashboards

In this webinar, our Director of Software Engineering will be discussing use cases for the Wazoku’s API and how it can benefit your business.

Take Your Innovation Program to the Next Level

Thank you for considering Wazoku for your innovation program needs. We believe that our Advanced Analytics feature can help you gain valuable insights into your program and drive success. To see it in action, we invite you to request a demo.

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