7 Key Questions for Evaluating an Innovation Management Platform

What are the key criteria you should use to evaluate an innovation management platform?

In this white paper, we look at the 7 Key Questions that anyone looking to evaluate a new innovation management platform should ask themselves. Using numerous real-life examples, we suggest ranking them based on the adoption test, current capabilities, and future possibilities.

Inside you’ll find:

  • An introduction from our Director of Customer Success, Bea Schofield
  • The reasons why innovation that uses a management platform benefits your organization
  • Examples for use cases that you can use to judge the suitability of a platform
  • Real-world security and adoption examples

Who Should Read this White Paper?

If you’re an Innovation or Team Leader, work in IT integrations, or Operations Management, this white paper is essential reading to know what you should be considering ahead of investing in an innovation management platform.

One of our core beliefs is that, provided with the right technology and ways of working, people have the innate potential to solve any problem. In this report, we’ll focus on how to choose the right platform to support them.

// Bea Schofield, Director of Customer Success

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