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Novo Nordisk Challenge: Identifying Protective Gene Combinations

According to the World Health Organization in 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight and 650 million were obese.


Energy Source for Ingestible Drug Delivery Devices

Patients generally prefer oral medications versus injections due to ease of administration. For optimal efficacy, the drug must travel within the gastrointestinal tract to the site of action before being released.


Motivating People with Obesity to Seek Help and Achieve Sustained Weight Loss

As reported by the World Health Organization in 2017, over 4 million people are dying annually from being overweight or obese.

Under Evaluation

Improved Formulation of an Oral Peptide Drug

Oral administration of therapeutic peptides is hindered by poor absorption across the gastrointestinal barrier and extensive degradation by proteolytic enzymes.


Home or ‘Point of Care’ Tests for Plasma Clotting Factors (VIII or IX)

The Seeker requires a test that could easily be used to monitor the level of blood coagulation factors FVIII or FIX present in hemophilia A and B patients, respectively.


Novo Nordisk Challenge: Histologic Image Analysis of Pancreatic Tissue

Histology images hold great potential as a resource for target and biomarker discovery activities. However, in order to use such complex phenotypic data, it is imperative that robust image analysis tools are developed.


Novel Biodegradable Hydrophilic Polymers

Novel hydrophillic polymers that are both biocompatible and biodegradable by mammalian enzymes are required. It is important that the proposed polymers are amenable to controlled synthesis so that a defined molecular weight range can be achieved.


Continuous Measurement of Blood Content in Saline

The Seeker desires a device to continuously and/or repeatedly measure the amount of blood in a volume of saline. The device should be capable of measuring at least twice per minute for at least 60 minutes.

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