Harness the potential for driving employee-led innovation and change
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Unlocking innovation and creativity is more important than ever to an organisation’s ability to remain competitive.

It’s the people in your company who will ultimately determine the success or failure of your business. Embrace the future of work and build a culture of innovation, by engaging your entire workforce (employees, board members, contractors, freelancers and even shareholders) in your innovation, transformation and change programmes.

There are many different types of innovation programmes you can run with your workforce. Improve, Innovate, Compete and Reward to:


Accelerate outcome-driven innovation and/or business improvement using co-creation and collaborative digital technology tools, giving a role and a voice to everyone.

Cultivate a positive employee experience, improve diversity, and share ideas across a broader range of people to gain different perspectives on your innovation challenges.

Encourage entrepreneurial approaches with a change mindset. Engage people early and openly in your transformation and change programmes.


Drive business Improvement with your Workforce

Every business wants to work as optimally, efficiently and effectively as possible. Engaging those people who work across your businesses with the power and mindset for change and improvement can drive significant business benefit, including:

  • Process improvements: every one of your employees will experience things on a daily basis that get in the way of them doing their jobs as effectively as they would like. Simplification, get rid of waste and general process improvement challenges are all great ways of improving the workplace and serving customers better.
  • Product and services feedback: how do you capture the voice of the employee in your product development roadmap? Many of your employees will be customer facing or users of your products, so engage their voice in development and see the benefits across the business.

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Uncover new opportunities with your Workforce

Whether you are looking for new product or service ideas, or disruptive ideas to significantly enhance your current offerings, engaging a diverse audience who know your business from the inside in your innovation goals and challenges will offer valuable insights and enable innovation at all levels of your business.

  • New products & services: leverage the expertise of your workforce to develop new offerings and expand your current market reach.
  • Customer experience innovation: prepare for tomorrow by involving the people who interact with your customers daily and explore new ways to engage and delight your customers.
  • New market opportunities: make more informed decisions about entering new markets, geographic regions or sectors by involving your workforce in the decision-making process.

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Engage your Workforce to drive collaboration and competition

Are you facing a specific innovation challenge and have the budget and resource to invest, but are just lacking that killer idea? Or do you have the great idea, but are lacking the resources to take it forward?

Our Compete Launchpad addresses these pain points, providing the tools to engage your workforce in timebound innovation competitions. Whether these are to solve a problem or crowdsource resources (investment or time pledges), innovation competitions help you shortlist the best or winning entries and mitigate your innovation blockers. 

  • Innovation Competitions: run an internal hackathon or competition for the best idea to drive customer experience. Your employees will love the collaboration and excitement brought on by running these events through an idea management platform.

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Reward & Recognise your Workforce’s innovation activities

It is important that we recognise the great people and ideas that make your business a great place to work, enable the culture of ideas and innovation you strive for, and are the agents of change within your businesses. 

  • Employee Innovation awards – celebrate the people who drive change across your business.
  • Innovation of the year awards – recognise the ideas that helped to drive the business forward each year.
  • Failure awards – failure is an important part of the innovation process. Share the things that failed so the business can learn and grow.
  • Peer nominations – engage everyone in the reward and recognition process by encouraging peer nominations for those people who embrace your company values and go above and beyond to make your business a great place to work.

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