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Why Senior Buy-In is Important in innovation programmes

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Organisations need to innovate continuously in our current economy, characterised by nonstop change and fierce competition. In a time when we want to drive change in organisations and improve culture and innovation part of everyone’s job specs, there is a lot of discussion on how can this be attained. A culture shift needs to happen from top to bottom and there are many phases that have to be taken into consideration.

Innovation Leader_visionary

One of the most important aspects of setting up an innovation programme in an organisation is obtaining senior management buy-in. There are many good reasons for this, for example:

– It helps tear down organisational barriers – middle management can easily put innovation projects in the back burner, as they are pressed for presenting more immediate results. If innovation is presented to the whole organisation as something that is important to the CEO, it will be an extra incentive for it to be pushed further down the hierarchy.

– Shows the whole workforce how important innovation is for the organisation – “if the CEO/senior management is involved, it must be important!”

– Involves everyone in decision making – resulting in increasing transparency as well as a sense that everyone’s voice is heard, even by those at the top.

– Helps create momentum in the innovation process – anything that comes from the very top always takes precedence over everything else.

These are only a few of the positive aspects of involving senior management in the innovation process. But, at the same time, CEOs and other top executives are often busy individuals and as such, unable to oversee every single detail in every single project that they are involved with. There comes a time when one needs to delegate, and it was with this in mind that we’ve developed a new feature on our idea management software, Idea Spotlight. Anyone with an Idea Spotlight account can grant one or more system admins permission to publish challenges or ideas on their behalf. With this new feature, system admins can create a challenge, share the challenge and enter idea updates all in the name of a senior member of the organisation.

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