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Where ideas go to die!

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So you’ve come up with what you believe is a killer idea, it’s going to revolutionise your company – and get you a promotion to boot. So what are you going to do with this great idea? Who will you tell? It’s a sure fire winner so it doesn’t matter, whoever you tell and wherever you put it you have no doubt it’s going to be implemented – right?

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Wrong. Ideas get forgotten about, lost and abandoned (sniff, sniff). Written on a sticky note and then disappears under a pile of papers; consigned to a suggestion box that never gets emptied; emailed to and stuck in an overflowing inbox that nobody has time to wade through; mentioned in a brainstorming session and then written on a blackboard – that got wiped clean.

Too many ideas have suffered death by post-it note, and worse….

Now, if only you had an idea management system….