What is ‘Process Excellence’?

wazoku Blog


Many companies search for suggestion software in order to harness the best ideas from their employees, but one of the major selling points we give our clients about idea management is that it’s not just about harnessing the best ideas. It’s also about what we call process excellence.

Process excellence is somewhat self explanatory. It’s primarily about small improvements that can be made to how your company runs that, when added together, make for a more efficient and successful business. These are the types of improvements that can impact your company just as largely as the next big innovative idea. An example of process excellence is seen below in a video on how a few individuals from Toyota helped improved the processes of the Metro food charity in response to Hurricane Sandy that we shared on our Innovation Links Roundup last week:

This video is worth a second look to us, not only because it mentions some of the philosophies of continuous improvement, or “kaizen”, that we discuss in our Beginner’s Guide to Innovation, but also because it really demonstrates how improving a process can lead to great efficiency. In the case of the Metro food charity, implementing small suggestions for improving their process of packing boxes not only meant that they shipped more food to hungry families, but it also meant that the time to pack an individual box of food went from 3 minutes to 11 seconds. If that’s not a clear example of the return on investment process excellence can give you, we’re not sure what is.

We encourage our clients to think of idea management or suggestion software not just as a space for new ideas, but as a space to improve upon old processes to streamline their business. We believe that small improvements to businesses can change and help solve a business just as much as fancy new ideas. Whenever you’re looking at suggestion software and thinking about how to implement it into your business, keep in mind that it’s not just about those big ideas. It’s also about process excellence.