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What is Idea Management?

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Team working from above_desk_office

So what is idea management anyway?

Managing ideas may seem a strange concept to some. Do ideas need to be managed? Surely if someone has a great idea they will tell the boss and it will be seized upon and implemented straight away. And if it’s not implemented it means it was a rubbish idea anyway, right?

Sadly not true, all too often ideas get lost, remain unspoken and forgotten about. Generating ideas is generally not a problem for most companies, but managing the ideas is. This is where idea management comes in….

Idea management puts a structure to the process of collecting and capturing ideas within an organisation or community. It provides a central place where ideas are stored and can then be evaluated and analysed. The best ones are then chosen to be developed further – and hopefully be implemented and become reality.

In short, idea management makes sure ideas don’t get lost and that good ideas can be identified and developed and receive the attention they deserve.

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