“EveryDay Innovation is a war cry for organisations who understand that they need to innovate but despite their best efforts, are still struggling to turn their aspirations into action. It is an ethos, a new perspective and a guide for every organisation seeking to embed a high-performing culture of innovation”

– Simon Hill – CEO Wazoku



So, what is EveryDay Innovation?

EveryDay Innovation is more of a culture than it is a singular thing. EveryDay Innovation is a way of integrating an innovative mindset to every fibre of your business. And while many modern businesses see innovation as a necessity, the number of companies who truly innovate is still startlingly low. Though this might not be just down to effort, but down to the mistranslation as to what innovation really is.

When companies think of innovation, they tend to think of either slight, incremental innovation (which admittedly many companies are learning to excel at) or massive, game-changing innovations (like Apple changing the mobile market with the iPhone). But what happens in the middle? What are the improvements that are bigger than incremental, but not big enough to change the company from the ground up. But incremental innovation doesn’t make enough money to be headline-grabbing, and radical innovations are never common enough. So where’s that sweet spot in the middle? To give the best insight into this scale, look at our free Innovation Maturity Scale.

EveryDay Innovation consists of five pillars, Culture, Leadership, Management, Strategy and Tools & Processes. To master all five of these is to begin to conquer innovation. With our EveryDay Innovation report, we answer what innovation really is, and take you through the steps to implement an element of innovation into each of these Big 5. When innovation flows through all 5 steps of these, then you are truly stepping ahead of the pack and innovating towards future success.


To find out more, download our EveryDay Innovation report from our library, and start defining innovation for yourself.