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What is a great idea?

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At Wazoku, we’re all about great ideas. In fact, Wazoku means great idea in Swahili. We believe in the power of capturing and developing good ideas and making them great!

Why are great ideas important?

Successful companies need great ideas to stay innovative and at least one step ahead of their competitors. Great ideas that respond to the latest technologies, customer feedback and expectations as well as industry trends will make sure your company stands out in the market place.

But how do you define a great idea?

Well, let’s start with an idea:


noun {i•de•a} A thought, conception, or notion

Sounds simple enough, but what makes an idea great? A great idea doesn’t necessarily have to be totally new or revolutionary – or even original. It could simply be an improvement, a tweak, a development. Something that adds value to an existing product or service. Does your idea do any of the following? If so it’s probably a great idea – or a Wazoku if you prefer!

  • Solves a problem, satisfies a need or fills a gap
  • Improves an existing idea – makes something better, easier, faster or cheaper (and by doing so most likely increases efficiency or revenue).
  • Is marketable or profitable
  • Has a unique and obvious benefit