What do Small Businesses Want – Startups

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Person_thinkingFrom tax incentives to regional support, UK entrepreneurs discuss the policies they want the chancellor to tackle in Wednesday’s 2015 Budget report… and as always, Simon Hill was asked his opinion on the matter.

Simon Hill, CEO of idea management start-up Wazoku shares McIntosh’s view but also calls for more government support to help businesses access technology talent:

“I would love to see further legislation to help promote innovation or support the job creating small and medium enterprises via greater tax breaks, especially around PAYE/National Insurance. I feel that as the owner of a company with an ever-growing number of employees, far more could be done to help small businesses in this area. Also, there is a major shortage of tech talent in the industry currently, so access to training capital that businesses could use centrally for recruiting ‘raw’ tech talent to train would be a huge plus.”

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