The world’s largest private perfume and flavour company uses Idea Spotlight to transform innovation and uncover savings.

What do a university, a perfume company and a retail firm have in common? Great ideas

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Sometimes just having ideas is the easy bit – everyone has ideas all the time. But, what constitutes a good idea? This might be a matter of opinion for a lot of people but in business, we could say that a good idea is one that will potentially help generate revenue and growth. Others will improve the lives of employees or even the community around organisations and these are no less important.

The world’s largest private perfume and flavour company uses Idea Spotlight to transform innovation and uncover savings.

As we are in the business of helping organisations capture those good ideas, we are in a privileged position as we are directly in contact with some of the best ideas that can really make a difference. Below we have collected a few for your enjoyment.

  • Oxford University is renowned for its museums with visitors from all over the world. One of the ideas contributed and selected through their digital innovation programme run using Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight platform is ‘Hidden Museums’. This entails the development of a mobile app that brings museum objects to life based on visitor proximity. As visitors approach an object or artefact, the app is triggered, providing information and allowing visitors to interact, bringing the museum objects to life.
  • Another great project that Oxford University is involved with was also selected through Idea Spotlight. Go Girl is an initiative working with young women from deprived areas of Oxford with low higher education rates. The young women are taught to code, video edit and build apps, with the intent of leading them into further education by providing skills and seeing the potential.
  • One of our customers, a leading perfume company, solved one of their Supply Chain Challenges using Idea Spotlight, addressing the cost of missing samples and inventory. With diverse locations and mass inventories, the firm was finding stock was misplaced and locating it was proving difficult. An idea suggesting the use of geo-localisation tracking technology to find inventory at the touch of a button received €200,000 test funding. The idea was implemented successfully and today the business estimates the potential cost savings over 5 years as being in the millions!
  • Another great idea submitted by one of our customer’s employees using Idea Spotlight was to improve telephone customer service, by introducing document sending automation. A customer enters details over the phone, hangs up and documents get sent automatically. This single idea is estimated to save this insurance company £77,000.
  • A leading UK retailer introduced a change to their loyalty card programme, offering free coffee to card holders. They have observed that sales connected to this programme increased – some customers would purchase pastries to go with the coffee, or even the same coffee bean blend to drink at home. Overall, as a result of giving away free coffee, customers would make other purchases.

There will always be all sorts of ideas when you put a Challenge out there… but by using an idea management platform, finding the good ones is a much easier and efficient process.

To find out more on how you can get more and better ideas, check out our guide on Becoming an Everyday Innovator.