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‘We need the next Ice Bucket Challenge’

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The Guardian recently published an interesting piece on how viral campaigns can actually be hurtful for the majority of charities out there. The reasons appointed for this are very simple:

For the past 12 months the mantra “We need to do the next Ice Bucket Challenge” has been bandied about in meetings between senior managers and their heads of digital. These otherwise amazing campaigns are rare and while they attract huge new audiences are in danger of replacing the important day-to-day work we do. It’s also placing unrealistic expectations on the digital teams’ shoulders. It is a bit like quitting your job and pinning your financial hopes on buying lottery tickets.

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The day to day groundwork is somewhat forgotten and overnight successes don’t just appear from out of the blue. It goes on to say how daily successes also need to be acknowledged by senior managers – and educate them to understand that digital success also means creating a “a sustainable increase in online donations and support.”

What stood out to us is: why should the weight of coming up with next viral campaign should be solely on the digital team’s shoulders? We truly believe that great ideas are out there, in the whole organisation. Any member, volunteer or donor can come up with an amazing idea that will break the internet and get everyone involved, just like the Ice Bucket Challenge. Crowdsourcing is a great tool for innovation in organisations, and charities are no exception and sometimes all people need is a forum for these ideas. Charities should then consider innovation management, in order to better manage and source the best ideas that will result in raising awareness, support and of course, donations.

The Breast Cancer Campaign, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and NCFE are currently working with us, to bridge this innovation gap. We are offering a 70% discount to registered charities in the UK, so if you’re part of a charity, get in touch