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Find & develop promising start-ups into scalable businesses in one end-to-end solution.

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Wazoku Ventures

Whatever your approach to Corporate Venturing, venture capital funds, incubators, accelerators or developing internal innovation – ‘intrapreneurship’, Wazoku can support you:

  • Identify the most promising start-ups & university research spin-offs
  • Match start-ups innovations with your business unit challenges
  • Curate, collaborate and manage partnership risk and relationships effectively

Unlock your organisation’s full venturing potential

Build your corporate venturing pipeline and capability intelligently

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Our connected Corporate Venturing solutions…

Our comprehensive Corporate Venturing solution is built on our connected product suite plus consultancy support from global venturing experts.

Wazoku Portal is how you create & curate an intelligent partner network.

Combined with our AI digital innovation assistant, Jen, that automatically curates possible partner organizations for you, Wazoku Portal lays the groundwork for successful partner innovation.

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Wazoku Scout. Connect instantly with start-ups or search deeper and wider to find the technologies and partners to make an impact to your projects.

Bringing the best of human and machine intelligence together, Wazoku Scout is a market leading solution. Based on our unique, innovation-focused, AI-enabled Marketplace that combines the latest early-stage start-ups with over 20 years of technology solutions mapping, plus the power of the world’s largest human scout network.

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Looking to build a corporate venturing capability?

Our trusted external partners such as leading Strategic Innovation consultancy Change Logic have decades of experience in building corporate venturing capabilities for global organisations such as General Motors, Analog Devices, UNIQUA and may others.

Our partners can support a multi-disciplinary approach to creating business growth, helping to manage the uncertainties of competing and winning in emerging markets, designing organizations that protect exploratory ventures from short-term pressures.

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