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Ideas can happen anytime and anywhere, and the best ideas are usually built through interactions from lots of people with different points of view, rather than in isolation from a single individual. The key is bringing everyone together in a structured way.

The BBC recently found themselves needing to address this challenge – they had a large employee base filled with potential ideas for new television programming, but no way to take advantage of this potential. To fill the void, the BBC worked with Wazoku to launch iCreate, an idea management solution that taps into the hidden talents of their existing workforce.

iCreate is already yielding results and demonstrating how ideas are built through interactions from the crowd, not presented fully formed. The first iCreate commission is the result of the combined efforts of individuals from different departments and locations who normally would not have met or collaborated to create a new programme. iCreate provided the framework for individuals with similar interests and ideas to work together to develop a commissionable programme.

Deploying Idea Spotlight within tibbr is an ideal way to take advantage of this structured method for gathering, analysing, and selecting the best ideas for your business challenges because tibbr already provides the means to connect functionally and geographically diverse employees. Idea Spotlight utilises many of the same social tools available in tibbr – voting, commenting, sharing – while also providing additional tools to support the review of ideas by appropriate decision makers.

In an upcoming webinar, I will demonstrate how Idea Spotlight and tibbr can work together seamlessly to generate innovative ideas to business challenges. The topics covered include:

  • What is Idea Management?
  • Why is a specialist Idea Management solution important?
  • How can Idea Spotlight and tibbr work together?