Wazoku Platform Delivers Ideas, Creativity and Improved Communication at SSCL

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Merged teams collaborate on ‘Innovation Station’

London, July 19, 2017- The Wazoku ideas platform, installed last year at Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL), has already engaged 67% of the company’s workforce. It has created 400 ideas with over 50 of these progressed, such as a texting reminder scheme for its customers that has had a significant impact on payroll efficiency. It has also led to a new employee engagement programme for all employees, due to roll out in the autumn.

The ideas platform has been so successful that SSCL, which provides business support services to the public sector, saw a rapid return on investment as well as an increase in employee engagement relating to service improvements and innovation.

SSCL was established in 2013, bringing together people from different government departments and the Wazoku platform offered a common innovation portal covering all SSCL locations.

“We wanted an innovation tool that everyone could use to air their views, come up with ideas and be confident that their input would be considered,” said Marc Penny, Head of Process Efficiency & Delivery Excellence at SSCL. “We decided to work with Wazoku as they are a young and dynamic company whose culture is a good fit for SSCL and, importantly, whose platform is easy to use and accessible.”

One of the benefits of the platform, branded by SSCL as ‘The Innovation Station,’ (the name was chosen through a competition on the Wazoku platform) is that it allows department managers to set challenges. These can be very simple, such as the Facilities Manager Challenge to staff asking them to suggest ‘Just One Thing’ that could be changed to improve the facilities and working environment for their people. The challenges can also be more complex, such as asking their people for new ways of interacting with their customers.

“The texting reminder scheme came out of a pilot study with the Environment Agency (EA) to improve communication so that salary payments would be more accurate,” Marc Penny continued. “An idea was put forward to text team leaders within EA in advance of critical payroll cut off dates, prompting them to ensure any approvals or forms are submitted ahead of the payroll run. This has improved payroll accuracy and reduced calls to our contact centre and has been so successful we are now rolling it out across our customer base.”

SSCL found that the Wazoku ideas platform has improved communication and engagement to such an extent that it is extending it out from their UK Centres of Excellence to its team in its India Centres of Excellence. The rollout will be completed in July and will be followed with the launch of the new ‘Be More Lion’ campaign, designed to encourage ideas that will further boost organisational pride and asking employees to be brave and different in their thinking on innovation and improvements.

“Utilising the platform across SSCL’s integrated UK and India centres was always our intention,” continued Marc Penny. “This is just the next step in our overall engagement strategy, ensuring our teams work together regardless of location.”

About SSCL

Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL) is a unique joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Sopra Steria and aims to deliver £1 billion of savings for government and police by 2020. SSCL brings together the best of public and private sector ways of working to drive change and transform services. This combination delivers finance & accounting, recruitment, HR & payroll and procurement services, with four Centres of Excellence in the UK and two in India.


About Wazoku

Wazoku is a crowdsourcing company headquartered in London. It is a trusted partner to organisations around the world, helping them to achieve their innovation and engagement goals. The company’s cloud-based idea management software, Idea Spotlight, allows organisations to crowdsource meaningful outcomes aligned to business objectives, by engaging their workforce, partners, customers or even the world. Wazoku calls this EveryDay innovation.