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Working on laptop_digital

We’ve been recently featured on ZDNet in an article titled: “Suggestion box 2.0: Startup aims to help turn smart ideas into reality”:

Simon Hill, Wazoku chief executive of the London-based company, said one problem with how organisations try to encourage new ideas is that they don’t always get support from senior management early enough, and so fail. “People had been using a suggestion box in the offline world or email but that’s just about idea capture — that’s the easy bit — and not how to move those ideas through and get them in front of the right people,” he told ZDNet.

“There’s no transparency — no way of knowing if other ideas have been submitted. There’s no opportunity to voice an opinion or support ideas. You have none of this collaborative weight and none of this process.”

Organisations can decide how ideas progress using the tool — stipulating any idea that gets more than 20 votes should be sent directly to an executive, for example, or that a marketing idea should always make its way to the CMO if it gets a certain amount of support.

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