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If you haven’t been following us on Twitter, you may not have seen that we’ve been featured on Government Technology for the benefits that Government Spotlight, a version of our Idea Spotlight software, can bring public sectors:

Anyone that works in the public sector understands the pressure to improve efficiencies and services with ever-decreasing resources. It’s a traditional challenge for the sector that has been brought into much sharper focus by the cuts over the past few years.

So any ideas, innovations or improvements that help with this process are particularly welcome, which is why Wazoku’s recently IL-2 G-Cloud certified Government Spotlight product is being used by public sector organisations across the UK.

Government Spotlight is a Software-as-a-Service that allows central or local government departments to create internal or external communities for ideas, innovation, feedback and insight. These communities are then engaged to help address the challenges faced by the public sector, such as service provision, efficiency gains and policy development.

The article not only announced our recent certification with G-Cloud, but also emphasised how we’ve worked with specific boroughs to help them develop ideas.