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Our CEO Simon Hill has recently been interviewed on Enterprise Apps:

In its January 2013 assessment of Idea Spotlight, analysts at Gartner note: “Customer references commented positively on the ability to capture business ideas from a large number of individuals and to collate and coordinate feedback and responses on these ideas from many sources.”

Wazoku looks to have potential, then – as long as it can keep pace in a seriously overcrowded market and as long as audience appetite for idea management holds up. As analysts at Forrester recently pointed out, the danger for idea management software is that it simply becomes another under-used ‘suggestions box’ at the companies that implement it.

On the positive side, Gartner analysts point to a broadly positive experience for those that taken the leap: “As organisations’ experience with ideation increased, it became apparent that a richer stream of ideas resulted when people had the opportunity to see, comment on and refine the submissions of others,” they write.

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