Wazoku launches collaborative Consultation tool

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This month the first public use of Wazoku’s Consultation tool went live. The tool is being used to collect and analyse feedback online for the consultation on the proposal to open a Technical Academy in Reading in 2013.

Why this is awesome!

The feedback is collected via an online questionnaire and the findings of the consultation will be used to develop the policies and practices of the Reading Technical Academy. Our UK data centres, flexibility in development and the unique collaborative nature of our consultations for the consumers of the data all meant we were the only choice for this work.

The Consultation tool allows complex and bespoke forms to be turned into easy-to-use online feedback forms and allows those running the consultation to collaboratively manage and respond to the feedback. The collected data is centralised and securely stored and can be used for analytics and near real-time reporting. The new Consultations tool builds on Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight tool utilising our API to makes the task of managing and responding to feedback a collaborative one. It makes it easy to manage and analyse large volumes of data from many sources – perfect for public consultations.