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Last week Growth Business UK and LondonLovesBusiness published articles about the 2013 Autumn Statement in which our CEO, Simon Hill, was featured.

‘We are consistently told how important start-ups are to the economy so let’s see initiatives that back this up. An Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) type concept to PAYE for small businesses would be a real help for emerging firms. Instead of PAYE liability going to HMRC, business owners could offset that liability and use it to pay for a new hire. If this could be done to a max cap of PAYE over a year it would be an innovative approach to getting people back to work, helping small businesses to prosper and bolstering the economy.’

Simon Hill, MD at Wazoku.


You can read ‘Autumn Statement 2013: a wish list from business owners and entrepreneurs’ on Growth Business UK here and ’10 things Osborne must include in the Autumn Statement 2013′ on LondonLovesBusiness here.