We’re Featured In The Open Assembly Quarterly

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Wazoku was featured in Open Assembly‘s quarterly report, The State of Crowdsourcing. Get the report to learn:

  • What is crowdsourcing and why use it in your organisation?
  • Benefits for organisations of all sizes
  • How to begin or improve your crowdsourcing programme

Open Assembly_Buildings ImageSimon Hill, CEO and Founder, Wazoku, shares, “Every organisation has an army of potential innovators at its disposal—not only its staff, but customers, partners, and suppliers. Engaging them in a meaningful way may be challenging, but this crowdsourcing journey poses an exciting opportunity to radically rethink the way organisations collaborate. The right approach will drive tangible results, fuel growth and create real competitive advantage in a sustainable and repeatable way.”

Read the case study with our partner, Danish Crowdsourcing, who ran an open innovation campaign to crowdsource sustainable solutions to reduce waste from the Danish construction industry. In Denmark the building industry is responsible for 30 percent of society’s waste, and the industry uses more than 40 percent of domestic resources.