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Wazoku Announces Winter 2019 Product Release

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Wazoku, a leading idea management platform, announced its Winter 2019 product release with features designed to equip organisations with better visibility into the value of their ideas and their innovation pipeline. “Managing truly effective and impactful innovation can be like directing a complex orchestra with many moving parts. You need to get the right people involved, through the right ways, and make sure they stay engaged throughout the process,” said Rosemarie Diegnan, CS&PO, Co-Founder, Wazoku. “Working with our customers, we’ve built better advanced tools to better report on the data around their innovation programs, understand the value of ideas in their pipeline and embed Challenges in the enterprise software tools that the organisation is already using.” Here are some of the highlights of our Winter product release:

Realise the true ROI of your innovations and ideas

Organisations have a wide range of business, product and strategic goals they’re trying to meet. These objectives have important financial metrics, but there are also other targets such as sustainability, diversity or employee satisfaction that are essential to the continued growth and success of the business. As teams gather new ideas and embark on new innovation projects, quantifying the value of these projects against measurable business goals help teams prioritise the right projects and get buy-in from senior stakeholders.

We’ve enhanced Idea Spotlight’s Outcomes functionality to better enable idea creators to refine their ideas and business leaders to track the value of ideas across the organisation. “We have always known that the true value of the ideas we help organisations to deliver was far more than we were surfacing to date,” said Simon Hill, CEO & Founder, Wazoku. “With this new functionality, Wazoku clients can see and report at a granular level the true impact (and it can often be a significant financial value) across the businesses of the great work they do.” Set start and end dates for when various outcomes might occur – both gains and costs – so that the organisation can better understand the value of ideas over time and when an idea might start to pay it back. Additional subject matter experts can be brought in at the end of the implementation process to report back on the actual outcomes of an idea and record down what the idea has brought the organisation. From conception to implementation, analytics demonstrate the value of the innovation pipeline at each stage of the process and drive better decision making.


A better home page leads to more engaged users

What a user first sees when they enter a software platform is incredibly important, as people can be busy – and so admins and managers need to make sure they’re surfacing the most relevant content immediately to grab users’ attention. With several improvements to home pages, quickly build personalised experiences that drive engagement and collaboration specific to the needs of each user with the ability to limit the visibility of content by different groups of people. Anonymous blocks help drive registration and engagement for open communities by allowing new users to browse engaging introductory content. Carousel functionality on all blocks within Idea Spotlight allows admins to create home and landing pages that surface more relevant content.


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