Wazoku and Gartner’s Who’s Who

wazoku News


We’re proud to announce that Wazoku has recently made it into a Gartner whitepaper entitled “Who’s Who in Innovation Management Technology“! The report begins with an explanation of the relevance of innovation management technology to employers and how idea management leads to collaborative innovation:

As organizations’ experience with ideation increased, it also became apparent that a richer stream of ideas resulted when people had the opportunity to see, comment on and refine the submissions of others. This collaborative approach to innovation also produced a more valuable outcome and a process to evaluate and implement ideas. Mechanisms to rate and rank ideas were added to the technology so innovation program leaders could not only tap employees for their ideas, but also involve them in determining which ideas are most promising. Some tools supplemented idea management with prediction markets so people could place bets on the probable outcomes of projects or the most promising ideas. Today’s innovation management tools offer analytics and reporting functionality, as well as social software features that make the innovation process even more open and collaborative.

Wazoku is analysed as a top contender with other businesses on product features such as idea collection, game dynamics, events and campaigns, social features, idea execution, portfolio management, integration, and mobility. To review the whitepaper, visit Gartner’s website here.