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Wazo Wednesdays – Our employee engagement activities

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Incremental innovation_group discussing

Here at Wazoku we have decided a while ago to start trialing a special day every month, where everyone would be involved in activities that wouldn’t normally be part of their job description to experiment and contribute to an even better office environment. This will not only help with the main business targets but will also contribute to improve employee engagement and general motivation.

This is a full day to either work either individually or in groups to plan or complete projects to help all our working lives e.g.
– Testing or evaluating new technologies, either to help now or into the future
– Working with colleagues on new projects or initiatives outside of core targets
– Improving our office environment
– Effectively anything that is related to improving Wazoku!

As we eat our own dog food, we used our platform to create challenges and encouraged everyone to suggest projects they would be interested in working on:

Swimlanes on laptop view

Once everyone voted for their favourite ideas and decided which projects they wanted to be involved with, groups were formed and everything prepared for the big day. It was a very relaxed day in the office but no less productive. One of the ongoing projects we have been doing is to redecorate the office, to make it an even better environment to work in. Some of our colleagues decided to have their hand at painting and the results were amazing – watch the time lapse video below:

We now have a much more pleasant office to work at, and totally on brand! There were other projects that weren’t as visible but no less important – we started working towards the creation of a community for our customers, for them to provide feedback and share other suggestions that would be invaluable for us to improve our product. We have also started a possible Twitter feed integration in Idea Spotlight, where ideas with specific hashtags would go into a specific page. There was also a bit of fun, as some of our colleagues wanted to have their photo for the website retaken, so we also had a fun photobooth. (the fun photos will be mostly for internal consumption, though. Mostly… here’s one of Simon Hill and yours truly!)

We not only had fun but also accomplished some pretty cool things. Not meaning to toot our own horn, but Wazo Wednesday was a total success and we are already planning for the next one!